Worth Owning.

Note from Drew: Below is a second post from boy Jack explaining more about his side of submission.

Worth Owning

Total submission has been a major erection inducing kink of mine for quite some time. At least some version of it. The problem with that is I always envisioned there would be another man tonguing my boots or legs or whatever it was I wanted licked at the moment. If you’ve followed my Twitter (@southernswitch1), you probably noticed that my page title now indicates that I’m owned – though that’s just the equivalent of making it Facebook official since I have been owned for quite a while now. In fact, it almost instant when I met my Sir – though I may not have realized it at the time.

So what has made me so comfortable with being owned, every part of me?  

Simply put: I am a better man.

Though it really isn’t a simple answer or necessarily one that would make sense to anybody else. The quick answer it has made me better in all parts of my life. I’ll spare you the boring details, but I had pretty much  resigned myself to a lonely single dad, past the age of prime. Definitely past the age of continuing to explore some of my kink interests.  Years of second guessing myself and trying to make up for being who I am had brought me to one boring, dull, very “content” life.  I had a great life, it was just missing something more. The stars aligned or some universal force put Drew and Axel in my life.

So here I am, successful at my job, and by all accounts of the street view on Google maps doing just fine. But, now, now I am a different man – mentally, physically, emotionally. I had enough years of self degradation under my belt. I didn’t need a Master to do that for me. In fact, I would not thrive on that as a slave. If you need to degrade somebody, I’m not your man. I can do that on my own. I have a Master who has never once degraded me or tried to do such. That is very different from being put in my place or a punishment delivered when needed. Very different from being an object, I’d argue. Even an object has a purpose, worth, value. As my submission has grown deeper, I’ve come to understand that I, an owned slave, have purpose, worth, and value. 

So again, why am I so comfortable being owned?  It is simple. I’m worth owning.

Perfect by no means, but worthy of it none the less. I have a Master and a Daddy who remind me every day that I’m worth owning. It may not be in word always (or words that others would recognize as such), but it often is shown in deed and time. Those things sometimes include guidance about something going on in life or at work. Sometimes that guidance comes in the form of spanking or time spent bound on the dining room table, time encased in rubber, restricted in the sleep sack, locked in my collar, or serving as an object, for example. Yes it is service to my Master and Daddy. It is also a time for me to reflect. Other times my worth is validated by talking with my Master or Daddy about decisions I need to make. Not always given a direct do this or do that, but I’m guided through questions and scenarios that help me arrive at my own decisions.  While I may be an owned, I’m also cared for. In short being owned has resulted in my betterment and those closest to me. I’m proud to be owned. I’m not ashamed of it. I’ve grown because of it. Because of that support and resulting growth, I’m in a better position to fully submit to total ownership.  So I’m worthy of being owned and worthy of submission to a very worthy Master and an equally worthy Daddy. 


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