Hurt. So. Good.


I often think that those of us of a certain age and perverse persuasion grin whenever a that John Cougar Mellencamp song comes on the radio or through the speakers of our streaming device of choice.  You know the one I’m talking about. I can only speak for myself, but I do enjoy pushing limits, pushing boundaries, and trying to find that edge of what hurts and what hurts so good. Often this makes me wonder what it means to take my Sir’s pain. 

The past couple weeks have been emotionally and mentally tough for all three of us for a number reasons. Today, while at Sir’s, I completed my usual tasks, discussed a new project, and completed a few other tasks for the day. Fast forward through the day, and Drew gave me that look he gives when I know I am about to be reminded of my place. So, as ordered, I went upstairs, entered the passcode into the keypad on the lock of the door that stands between the rest of the house and a collection of gear that would bring a particular grin and an increased blood flow to the shaft of most any pervert that I know. I understand that I am going to be hurting soon and later. Yet, the titanium cage in my pants is already straining as the beep from each digit is entered into the keypad. I listen and smile as I hear the mechanical whirring of the lock as it opens. 

A while later, I’m writhing on the bed, my ass red and stinging from the riding crop and paddle, my steelwerks cage is under pressure to the point that I’m convinced titanium will begin to stretch at any moment, and my nipples are being worked over. They hurt (and still do). My dick is leaking, and I am focused on one thing….taking my Sir’s pain. Why? First of all, I enjoy it. Most importantly, my Sir enjoys it. I can tell by the grin on his face (it is an amazing grin, by the way) and the increasing resistance as I’m restrained to the bed by his massive hands. 

So what does taking my Sir’s pain mean to me? 

Taking his pain is a release for me and my Sir. The change in his face and the look in his eyes as we maintain eye contact, signals all of this to me. I am quite good at processing this pain/pleasure gradient. Today, I processed it quite amazingly, if I do say so myself, though I did lose eye contact for 21 seconds, a failure that will be dealt with later in the week according to Drew. Knowing that he is proud that I, his sub, takes his pain pushes me further along the edge. I’m fucking owned, every part of me. At this very moment I feel it, and I know it with every part of my being. 

Today, my mind found a new sub space I didn’t know I had. A space where I wasn’t just enjoying the hurt of the pain, but my body was intensely begging for more. I haven’t had an orgasm since Christmas 2020, and my dick has been locked for that same amount of time except for when absolutely necessary and under constant watch of my Sir. As my mind reveled in this newly found sub space, I felt a feeling I haven’t felt in a long time.  I was on the edge of something very close to an orgasm, and it was amazing. Physically, it felt amazing. Mentally, it was even better…..Back to the point I was trying to make….Taking his pain, shows my submission to him and his dominance over me.  Taking his pain is a release for him and for me. Taking his pain pushes my limits. It very literally pushes me to the edge of climax. Taking his pain solidifies our bond and trust even more deeply.  Plainly put, letting myself be totally submissive to my Sir’s pain grows our relationship.

I mean, how am I supposed to know he loves me, if he doesn’t hurt me while not harming me?  


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  1. So thoughtful, Jack. It gives me insight into a part of BDSM that I didn’t understand from the subs perspective. Thanks.


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