My first flogging – a guest post by boy jack.

NOTE FROM DREW: Another amazing post by boy jack.

The very first time….

Naked, restrained, arms secured above my head, legs spread, titanium that I’m certain is about to stretch, that anxious, excited, anticipation triggered release of endorphins and pheromones hanging in the air….the scene of the very first time I was flogged. 

My mind, focused only on my Sir, as it should be. I’ve talked about what taking his pain means before. I want to take his pain. I’m not anxious about the hurt. I know it will hurt, but I won’t be harmed.

There is safety amidst the anticipation. I feel completely comfortable and safe in my Master’s hands. So I don’t worry. I anticipate. 

The flogging begins with some light impact. I love it. It feels amazing on my skin. The intensity grows. It hurts. it feels good. It feels amazing. As the leather tails sting the different areas of my body, a pattern develops and I descend deeper into a new level of sub space. I’m a slave that needs to take my Sir’s pain. The sensations stop as I feel the leather being lightly dragged across my skin. The heat from the previous impacts feels the almost cold feeling of the leather. I’m sure I have goose bumps at this point, only heightening the sensation. 

Another hard impact lands across my back. As the flogging continues, I enter a meditative state of pain and pleasure. At some point I lock eyes with my Sir. That look in his eyes – they are a beautiful bright yet deep green – makes me melt. I can’t explain it in words, but I know that look. His look. He’s proud. He’s happy. He’s mine as much as I am his. The flogging continues and I know from those eyes, it will only get more intense.  You’d have to ask him, but I’m pretty sure he can read me when we have that eye contact. He senses my limits, knows how far he can take me past them without harming me. When he looks directly in my eyes, that man feels my soul.

“Here , hold this,” he orders me as the flogger grip is put in my mouth. I know from the look his eyes that this is not over. He approaches me from behind and inspects the object who has endured the first part of today’s flogging session.  I hear him go downstairs. I hear fosters coming back up the stairs, as both he and Axel return. I am put through another session of flogging for Daddy’s approval. I don’t know if Sir was showing off his skill, but I think he was showing off my ability to take the pain and impact. Either way, I’m proud of myself. 

Following this, Sir took me outside to his patio, placed me on all fours on a coffee table, and he showed Axel that he had learned that when he puts a few fingers inside my ass, I apparently unknowingly smile. He left me there while they went about whatever they were doing. I was their object, their statue, their whatever, so I happily stayed.

Of note, there are times that I enter an almost meditative like state during these sessions. There are times later that I think about them and remember things that I didn’t immediately remember afterwards. Kind of like that dream you had last night. As the morning goes on, you remember bits and pieces that you didn’t remember right when you woke up. I say that to say this, I’m pretty sure Daddy (Axel) used the flogger on me at one point as well. I was in that state (turns out he didn’t).

I think I’ve found a new favorite impact implement. As I admired the marks on my skin afterwards and throughout the following day, I think they look beautiful. A testament to the bond we have. A testament of safety, security, and welcomed perversion (the good kind). I love watching the marks as they change. It reminds me of my Sir. It reminds me of our connection. I need that right now. His work travel has returned, and I knew it would. It is not a bad thing. His travel is part of what makes him so amazing to me – my Sir who has been everywhere. I’ll admit it has been tougher on me than I thought it would be, and I’m only taking a week at a time. You can roll your eyes, but I’m ok with being a sap. A friend with a knack for making amazing titanium art work (aka Mr. Steelwerks) told me that being sappy beats being superficial. 

“Be real man and be real. Feel what you feel”  

So I’m being real. I’m a sap. The lingering marks are comforting to me. A piece of my Sir that I carry with me while he is away. Of course, this is in addition to the other things I carry with me (two that are locked on me) of his on a daily basis. 

I’m sure there is some profound wisdom to be learned here. But in short, I fucking loved it. It grew the bond that the three of us have. It was the best Monday I’ve ever had since the last best Monday I ever had, and I can’t wait until the next best Monday ever. 



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