The Best Orgasm I Never Had, by boy Jack

Another post by boy Jack.

Today was a great Sunday. We spent the day at home – well, at Drew and Axel’s home, but they have told me to think of it as mine too. The three of us had breakfast together and worked on a few chores around the house. Then, at Drew’s whim, I spent some time tightly bound to a perfectly sized chair from IKEA bought specifically for this purpose (it’s spins, it has rails, it’s not very comfortable, you know, IKEA). Admittedly, my Master prefers faster methods of securing me, but circumstances of the day allowed the time for ropes and knots.  Also, he knows my particular affinity for ropes and indulges this slave from time to time. I like the slower pace of the ropes at times. It is as if I slowly give up control. I enjoy seeing the look on my Master‘a face as he takes more and more of that control from me. He has a look in his eye and a change in his demeanor as he contemplates where each rope should go and how it should be placed. As it happens, my titanium dick nearly explodes at times. Did I mention his grin?  Goddamn, it is beautiful. I enjoy seeing this until the blindfold covers my eyes, at least. After a few hours spent stored as an object on display in the front office and actually in the front window, we had lunch and finished a few more chores to clean up from last nights rainstorms. 

My ass returned to white a few days ago and none of us like that, so I needed a little touching up because, well, we all  needed it for multiple reasons. Honestly, I enjoy the pain, to a degree. Other times, I crave it. Today was one of those days that I craved it. I got every bit that I could handle. Spent physically with my senses heightened, I could feel my straining titanium still pulsing with each rapid beat of my heart. I had a familiar tingling of an orgasm in parts of me that haven’t experienced that in quite some time now.  If I could have willed an orgasm without any direct stimulation in my Steelwerks, today would have been that day. A full body shaking explosion of an orgasm…at least that what I feel like would have happened, if it had happened. But, it didn’t. Today is not Christmas.

Something about being an owned slave with a dick that doesn’t belong to me anymore is that the orgasms of my Master are that much more important to me. I, in a sense, feel his orgasms as an extension of my own, in some amazing yet denied way. I know the feel of his body, the pace of his breathing, the increase in his body’s heat production, the difference in his rhythm, and change in his smell and taste as he nears closer to climax. My brain always enjoys this. My body always enjoys it as well. It is as if I’m nearing my own orgasm, except not, as he nears HIS orgasm.  I love it. Today was that multiplied a hundred times. As he orgasmed and I tasted the familiar taste of my Master’s satisfaction, I was as close to an orgasm as I’ve ever been from his orgasm. He knew it, too. Goddamn, it is good to be owned. I’ve never been a big leaker, but I leaked today. I still have that on edge feeling contained inside my titanium cage. Although I had a bit of him inside me as I went back to my regularly scheduled duties, I still can’t manage to get physically close enough to him. This is a discussion we have had continually since we met. He lets me close to him. I get to touch him more than all but one other person in this world, but it never seems to be close enough. I’m thankful he lets me try, though. I’m thankful for the best orgasm I never had today, too. It’s good to be owned by him. Thank you, Sir. 

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  1. Jack,
    Each of your posts has me craving more the life that you have. It is not just envy, though there is some of that, it is pride I suppose that you have this. I know I might never have a life such as yours (now I am 50+). Australia is a small place with fetish communities that are not as numerous as in your own country. So I convey my thanks to you and your family for sharing your lives – it gives me a vicarious experience close to having my own. Stay well, be happy and be proud that your life is a many faceted wonder. Sending Thanks and Love, Mark.

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