On being owned, part 77b – by boy Jack

Drew’s note: A boy Jack production below:

Drew and I had a conversation earlier about some of the responses we have gotten regarding recent posts. He’s addressed some of them perfectly, and we decided it was time for me to weigh in on my side of things.

Saturday was an amazing day. My Master recounts it quite well in his earlier post, and the physical marks and soreness remind me that I am owned (and loved). It is not uncommon for me to look back on these things and put myself into a super submissive place.  (I am sitting in the floor, naked, collared, and plugged with the largest plug we have for the next 18 hours and 12 minutes). That place often ends up with me telling both Drew and Axel just how amazing they are for me and all that they have done for me, probably to the point of sounding annoying. I read once before that slave’s have a need to fixate on projects. Looking back over my life, I do have a tendency to focus intently on a project for periods of time.  Maybe that statement is true.  Regardless, today I am focusing my energy on a little insight into my side of our relationship.  

Recently, someone randomly started talking to me about being owned.  The conversation was a little odd, considering I don’t really know them at all….literally nothing other than their screen name, and the guy was talking to me like he thought I was his slave.  I quickly shut it down.  I’ll show appropriate respect to anybody, but I have a Master and a Daddy that I belong to already.  The next question was, “Can we at least talk a little?” I may be owned, but I have been trained to have respect for myself, confidence in myself, and my Master likes me like that.  So, of course, I continued talking now that the tone had changed in this “dom.”

Basically, he wanted to know what I liked most about being owned, what the favorite thing was that my Master does for me, etc…  It was an easy answer, but requires more space and time than most would be willing to sit down and read.  My short simple answer was that my Master makes me better.  Although there are a lot of single things that he does that make my body vibrate all over and my eyes roll back in my head.  I know it breaks somebody’s heart that there aren’t any stories of how he treats me so horribly and degrades me.  I know someone’s eyes are rolling about our version of a Master and slave relationship.  However, it is just that, ours.  There are definitely times where I’m put in my place, times when I’m reminded that I’m owned, every bit of me, and times when I take his pain because we both need that.  My limits are pushed, and I know that he is proud, that fucking beautiful, titanium-stretch-inducing grin of his tells me so.

However, this is much more than the kinky fun stuff that is posted all over our twitter feeds.  That is a part of it too. The part most don’t see, is the part that makes this work for the long term.  It is the part where my service to him supports him and encourages him.  In turn, I get to sit on the furniture or in the front seat of the car on occasion.  Better yet, I get encouragement from him and support from him.  He builds me up to better handle the stresses of a sometimes crazy and stressful job.  Mentally, I’m in a better place than I have been in quite some time.  I’d love to give you some amazing “I’m a badass” and just know how to handle my shit story, but that would be misleading.  Truthfully, it is because I’ve got a Master who knows me better than probably anybody on this planet.  My submission to him with everything I have has truly made me better. The honest answer to the question about the one thing he does that I like to most is that he makes me better.  He does that in multiple ways and over time and day by day, but he makes me better. 


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