Fantasy vs Reality part 171c (and secret muggle fairies)


Today is one of those days where I am just somewhat winging what I am writing. I have about seven things in my head I want to talk about but none of the seven have made me get up and go write specifically for that topic, so this may just be a Peter Griffin “What Grinds my Gears” type of post – except that none of the things actually make me angry. So, we will see.

Earlier this week I asked people on Twitter to direct message me any questions they may have for the boy, as people tend to have a lot of questions. He will do those early this coming week while he is somewhere waiting on his child to do something so he can then take said child somewhere else to do something else before finally taking said child home to get ready to do the next scheduled something. When I was a kid I resented those once a month etiquette classes I had to do, but aside from that my calendar was always pretty open. Anyway, the questions were good, mostly, a few were a bit too personal to respond to and some were just downright lazy. My favorite lazy one was “Read the blog constantly, now, jack, are you not the same guy as Thumper?” – I hope jack leads the next post with that one because I have never once thought they may be, but….

Two of the seven things in my head are about the connection to the boy and real life versus fantasy, as we have often discussed. I realize that we are writing about something very unchartered in many ways and that we can’t cover it all, but the intent has never been to make the integration of a slave into a good marriage look simple and breezy, as it is anything but that. So many people have said “thank you for showing us it’s both possible and easy” and while I respond with either a simple “thank you” or a famous, southern “well, bless your heart and thank you for commenting” I worry that I have painted the wrong picture. Sometimes. In reality, I am finding, is that polyamory is not for the weak, nor is it for the stupid. This is BEFORE adding in any level of power exchange. There are no rules and, once again, we wing it. Ax and I are planning a really nice trip to be away over Christmas this year. I was really excited until one of my actual muggle friends said, “what about Jack? how can you leave him home? or, are you and Axel allowed to do things without him?” I didn’t get into the fact that not only am I allowed, I am also allowed to make him stay home and do a list of whatever I wanted him to do all while sending in amazing pictures of sand, sunshine and sex, BUT, since I did not enslave Cinderella, I would never do that. However, it did make me have a talk with both of them about this, about being number two and about understanding the structure. Ax had never thought twice about it and, if jack had, he didn’t show it – nor would he want to be away from his family at a holiday (at least sub-consciously). It’s just one of the ways things are, how things will be, and, in my mind, if we all continue to discuss openly it’s the only way we can be.

On that same note, the sex and cuddle side and the like, as I have said, Ax is a comfort type of Daddy in this triad while I am the kinky sadist who you all adore. Even though there have been 1,786 talks about this stuff, when you come around the corner in the house to have your naked slave in the lap of your husband while he strokes his red ass and massages the slave’s shoulders, it’s just weird. It’s even more weird if they are both naked and touching. I will fully admit, what I thought was my jealousy side revs up quickly, though I have learned it’s more about my FOMO side and, even that, subsides within seconds and is never thought about it again. Of course, I know that is more than mutual as the look on Ax’s face tells a very similar story when he walks in on my on a zoom call with a naked slave tied under my desk or with him encased in something while enveloping my dick. I say that though, but the same look is there sometimes when we are on the couch having pizza watching Ted Lasso (oh, if you don’t watch Ted Lasso, you are so missing out). He’s always invited to join, but, sometimes the moment isn’t right. Now, as I type this, I think about how jack may feel being the passed around object, but that thought has quickly left me because, well, this is what he signed up for, his titanium penis is always hard, and it’s really not his choice anymore anyway, is it?

Number three is my head about fantasy versus reality is time. Now, this series applies to both muggle and slave life, but where, in the fantasy, do people actually find the time to do what they do. As a for instance, if the boy had a random day off (as he happens to have tomorrow), I fucking LOVE the idea of putting the boy in the cage for 8 hours and making him just wait there and reflect, but, I also fucking LOVE the fact that I own a slave who wants to make my life easier which means that, in between the times I have him under the desk, I am going to hand him a list of things that need to be done that he can do which, in turn, makes my life so much better. And, while I may not get the same sexual joy from it, tomorrow I have seven zoom meetings and two presentations to draft, so my sexual joy will pretty much be stymied when I wake up tomorrow. However, my mental joy will be huge knowing that, just an example, my luggage has been unpacked, washed, and repacked all before I leave my home office for the day. THAT is an understated joy of ownership, my friends.

Oh, and as I mention this applying to muggle lives as well. It is currently early afternoon on a Sunday as I am writing this. In about two hours I will start seeing Facebook or other posts titled “SUNDAY FUNDAY” from people I am friends with. This is not a one and done thing, but it’s every week after a week of “Taco Tuesdays” and “Wings Wednesdays”. I always give them that little heart thing, but when do they do their laundry? when do they write about their slaves and sexual cravings online? wash cars? watch Ted Lasso? when? It’s apparently something I am not meant to know, but if there are secret fairies running around doing these things for people, I wish I would know so I could put a collar on one and send them our way too. My non-fairy collared one could use the help!

This is getting lengthy and that list above reminded me I have work to do. More rants soon.

Also, if you have a specific question for jack, please DM on twitter, reply here, or add to comments.


  1. Seems like you 3 are living the dream—-albeit a negotiated, constantly adjusted one. Which is pretty much real life, in and out of relationships, poly or otherwise. Kudos on mixing three psychosexual agendas into everyday practice, no mean feat.

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  2. Social media which portrays people have fairies to deal with the everyday stuff is the problem with social media and society for a certain age group.
    Not only does no one want to do a job anymore which is physical or makes you sweat, no, these days money grows on the instagram or tiktok world of wonders and sponsorship. But we still need the minions to do lowly jobs so they can buy the products I am advertising so that the marketing dept can pay me and themselves to sell stuff no-one needs. That’s called a thriving economy!
    Sorry, feeling a bit ranty these days.
    Happy for you all and that you all feel secure in yourself to be comfortable,


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