The Unlocking

The discussion started with something like, “I think I need to unlock.”  I felt like I had been kicked in the balls (well, my left ball to be exact), and something just didn’t feel right.  I had dad duties to take care of this afternoon that I was not particularly looking forward to handling, and I tend to handle those situations better, I think, with a locked dick.  Regardless, the last thing I wanted to do was unlock.

I don’t like being unlocked.

After discussion, I was ordered to unlock to check things out, handle the things I needed to handle, and lock back up later that evening- assuming all was well.  I just wanted to take a quick look and see if things were okay.  Honestly, I was a bit disappointed that I was told to wait until later to lock back up.  However, my left nut is a little bit sore, so I know that my Master was right in telling me to do so….not that I questioned it.  I also know that he has my best interest in mind.

So some thoughts about an unlocked dick that I don’t own….

Part of why I like having my cock locked is because that Steelwerks looks so fucking amazing.  I love looking in my pants and seeing that beautiful chunk of shiny titanium.  A boy gets used to that.  In comparison, the dick attached to me seems a bit mediocre and not nearly as shiny.  Even with a shiny barbell protruding from it, it is still quite lackluster.  

Mentally, I don’t like being unlocked without my Master physically close to me. You see, that shiny titanium represents a lot of things to me.  (If you haven’t figured out I’m a bit of a sap, you are about to). Every time I look down and see that shiny metal encasing my dick I’m reminded that I’m unconditionally loved. I’m reminded that I’m owned. I’m reminded that I’m someone’s number two.  I’m reminded how much I love Drew and Axel and how they make me a better man, a better father and just so much better at all aspects of my life. God damn.. I love everything it represents.  I think about those things every single time I see it, feel it, feel this dick pressing against the inside of that tube. In some weird sense, I feel a little like I might be forgotten if there isn’t a cage in my pants and around my dick. Today has been a busy work day for both of us, and I do miss our random throughout the day chats, but those didn’t happen as much today and I know it only has to do with the fact that we both have to actually work and all day everyday can’t possibly a kinky BDSM fest (sorry if that let you down…Santa isn’t real, either). I know that being forgotten because there is no metal around this slave’s dick is the farthest thing from the truth, but it does’t mean that thought didn’t cross my mind.  If he could reach me where I am sitting now, I’m sure I’d get one of the NCIS Gibbs style slaps across the back of my head.

Physically, I don’t know if my dick has always been this sensitive or not. However, I notice every move I make as the liner in my shorts touches my dick or my barbell moves. I mean, it has been a LONG time since I have actually experienced an orgasm (9 months ago today in fact – Dec 25, 2020). The thought crosses my mind, but it quickly dissipated as I laughed, “It isn’t Christmas, duh.  I wouldn’t disappoint my Master like that (part of me wonders what the punishment might entail, but I don’t want to find out).  He knows he can trust me not to break that bond.  More than that, the fact that I can be trusted is better than any possible not allowed orgasm I might ever imagine. Of that, I am absolutely certain. I will be locked back up shortly and my world will be right again. I have a feeling all of those sappy feelings and the shininess of the metal will no doubt make it difficult to shove myself back into that tube, and that makes this pervert smile.  


  1. In comparison, the dick attached to me seems a bit mediocre…”

    You know you’re *supposed* to be locked up when seeing the contents of your device is so much less interesting and even disappointing than the device itself. When I see a penis between my legs rather than shiny metal or matte black plastic I feel…less than myself. Not as special. I resent it like you do.

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