People always talk about how good a man looks in uniform, but I’d be willing to guess the uniform they speak of pretty much consists of some sort of actual clothing.

But, I’ve got rules, you see. Those rules address my appearance – that is my state of dress or undress, in this case. I’ve had people ask about my uniform. So today I talk about my uniform and what it all means.  

My uniform has a few variations. It consists of a collar, my cage, and nothing else during the summer months and skin tight underarmour in the winter. So first, the collar or collars…I have three that identify me. I have a daily wear collar that most people would not notice. It is one of those Road ID bands that runners and other athletes wear. If you know how to decode the inscription it tells you that I belong to Drew. It also lists his contact information in the event I actually am in an emergency and need assistance. Not only does it mark me as owned, but it reminds me he is always with me and looking out for my best interest. It has not been off my wrist in a year. I do have a “going out collar.” It is made by Steelwerks and indicates that I am owned. It is bright and shiny like and I like to think it makes my eyes sparkle a little when I wear it. It is fancy looking and I love to wear it, but my those proprietary S screws make it less than ideal for taking on and off quickly, so it’s reserved for special times as I cannot wear it with most muggles.  The third collar I have has my name on it and contact information for my owner (it is also a Road ID product, a dog collar to be exact). It is the one I am in for most days that require my uniform. It is easy to put on when I walk through the door and take off my clothes. Of course, depending on what tasks we are doing that day, shoes may or may not be needed.

There are rules regarding my uniform.  If I am to be at the house for more than 15 minutes, I am to be in uniform.  Just inside the door, is a rug.  I am to be in uniform if I come off of the rug. Basically my uniform is a collar and me naked, cage included as that is now “just me”. While I have been told that I look amazing by some, we are our own worst critics. There are things about my body that I like and things about my body that I do not like. Fortunately, my Master chooses my uniform, so I don’t have to worry about those things.

For me being naked serves several purposes.  It is pretty damned comfortable and not nearly as itchy as wearing clothes. It is also a signal to my submissive brain as soon as I walk in the door. As I shed my clothes for my proper uniform, I also shed my days stresses.  I can focus on what is important, and it helps me to be truly present with the man who means so much to me.  Being naked and in my collar has helped me to be a better man, slave, boy, boyfriend, and, well, even a dad. It helps me to accept me for me. It reminds me that I am owned. It is good for me, and it makes my Master happy. Being a man in uniform consisting of nothing but a collar and a permanent grin is a happy place for me. I’ve come to grow more and more comfortable being naked, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Now I have been asked a few questions and here are my responses:

Are there times you wish you had clothes on and couldn’t?

I’m pretty comfortable being without clothes. I have sunblock and blankets as needed.

Have others outside of Drew and Axel seen you naked and collared?  How was it? If not, what would you think about it if it did happen?

The answer is yes and no. There are plenty of pictures on my social media which show me naked and collared. So yes, people have seen me. Generally speaking, most of those people I don’t know. The ones that I do know, well they are in the know, you know? Again, I’m pretty comfortable with being naked. I don’t have a problem with others seeing me that way. So when it happens in real life, I don’t foresee it being an issue. That being said, the house is a fortress along with the back yard. If anybody sees me naked outside of Axel and Drew there, it isn’t an accident.

I see you are often plugged.  Is that part of your uniform?

The plug isn’t part of my uniform. However, I am plugged at some point each day.

Before being owned, were you naked much?

Before being owned, I was naked some. I mean everybody sleeps naked, don’t they? I wasn’t parading around the house naked for the most part, but there is always room for growth.


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