Mrs. S. saw me naked (and I liked it a lot), by Jack

One of the things that fuels my Master’s slave is service. At home, we have protocols. That is service. Service takes on many forms for many different people for many different things. I think one of the most amazing things that a master can do is show off the training to others indicating that the the master is proud of the training he has given the slave. Additionally, the slave is proud to show his skill to others, not because he was able to learn from training, but because it is a skill his master has trained him to perform. In essence, it is a showing of the master’s skill, the skill to train a slave. It is so amazing for the slave because it is in reality a showing off of the masters ability. My slave brain says my Master has chosen to train this slave, lock away his dick, and lots of other things. I’m just serving him. Maybe that was convoluted, but the short of it is that the slave does not view this as showing himself off, but he is showing off his Master skills as well.

Anyway, if you are still following me after that cold intro, let me share from where that came.

Last week, Master and I arrived in the land of all things Maple. We met up with Mr. and Mrs. Steelwerks for dinner and a new client of theirs whom we had not met yet. Dinner, drinks, and new friends were had. As we problem solved the latest crisis in the world, conversation moved toward the place where awesome kink people often go; perversion but in only the best sense of the word. For us that sounded something like leather, restraints, beautiful titanium cock cages, DIY dungeon upgrades, and the best place to get some high quality special order sleep sacks. We talked about family dynamics in our relationship versus other more “traditional” kink relationships work. We talked about jobs, family, pets, friends. It was normal, but also perverse.  At some point, an arrangement was made with short but mighty Mrs. S in which my Master would turn the reigns over to her the following day to take the slave for a spin, so to speak. 

My cage filled, and I hit a sub space there in the restaurant. It was all I could do not to take off these fucking itchy clothes and sit under the table at my Master’s feet. He is just going to turn over his slave, his property to another person. He knows I have worked hard at training, and the fact that he is using me to show himself off too. Of course, I should state this was all non sexual service and I was being “given” to someone he has known for years who he trusts explicitly. For that reason, I never blinked at the thought of being sent away to train.

Later that night, I tried to get close enough to my Master as I served him. I slept soundly touching my Master and being excited about my upcoming day as a loaned object. When we arrived at the dungeon of our kink family, we chatted about life as we discussed the day’s plans, talked about food, discussed which cage needed polishing and stared at lots of little s screws. As we were talking about  some new pieces of gear to try, Master finally said, “I need to go get one email sent, tugged on my invisible leash, and handed me to Mrs. S. Minutes later, as the hood covering my eyes was tightened, I saw the last sight I saw my Master step away to go put out whatever work fire there was that hour, but I knew he’d be back to help and, even if he didn’t get back, I basked in the comfort, safety and sexiness that is Mrs. S.

Almost immediately, I felt the leather restraints tighten against my body. Mrs. S methodically restricted this slave’s movement more and more. I relaxed in the trust my Master had given to her and easily slipped into that space of darkness, restriction and hypnotic recreation. It wasn’t long before I could hear Master’s voice in the room as I was pulled up to my knees. I felt the tit toys apply pressure. I could hear them discussing how the slave was being used, as if I were an inanimate object in the center of the room. I felt the sting of the leather slapper make contact and, oddly, it gave a soothing, aching sting. Over and over, I could tell that I would continue to feel this for some time. I could sense my Master close to me, whispering in my ear, telling me how proud I made him. There was a pause in the spanking and the pressure on my tits was released. A moment of pain, a moment of pleasure. I felt the first swift impact of the cane across my chest. I groaned a bit with the bite of the cane. My nipples burned. I felt it again, and again. I took the pain. It hurt. This was going to remain with me for a while long after this moment and, I could not help but feel my face grin inside the leather hood.

My tits took a pounding. They throbbed. Mrs. S checked in with me. Knowing that I was okay, she told Master there was something new she wanted to try. I felt the pricking sting of the spikes around my nipples. My Master pushed them deeper into my skin and I know he was proud of the pain I took for him. I was spanked again. As the leather paddle and canes met my burning red cheeks, I grinned in my mask again, feeling the familiar feeling that told me I would have bruises for days to come. In fact, I wondered if I was actually stretching the leather smiling and then tried more so they’d see, but the giant gag limited me. All of this were small reminders of my service to my Master. Then, as my Master and Mrs. S took turns spanking and flogging me, my Master asked if I needed more. It was hard to talk, but we developed a system of hand signals for yes and no questions. As I signaled yes, my ass and legs soaked up the pain. As we collectively pushed limits, I asked for more and more pain, until I was physically spent. I think at that moment I both impressed and and empowered Mrs. S, something I know that led all three of us to be proud.

My Master and Mrs. S allowed the slave to have a break. As I was inspected and allowed to come down to a place I could more easily communicate, the gag was changed. I crawled to my Master as best as I could in my blinded state but I followed his voice and the heat his body produced. From out of blue, he grabbed my collar and pulled me up into his lap where I sat facing him. I felt his face with my hands. Although I couldn’t see him, I felt his body. I felt his face. I could see his beautiful eyes. I could feel the handsomeness of his face, the soothing feeling of his scruff, and I could feel the muscles of his face move, shaping his lips into a smile of approval. Although I couldn’t see him with my eyes, I could feel the look he was giving me with my hands. I could essentially see him by just feeling him. If ever a titanium cage was full, it was at this moment. I told my Master how much he meant to me through my gag and how amazing it was to have him show my training to others outside of our own home. I told him some other super sappy things that I’m sure had him rock hard and hopefully leaking. I relaxed into him and he relaxed into me. Of course, all he likely heard was “mmmph, grrr, lvvvvvv” since the gag was tight, but I knew that he knew what I was saying. This was one of the truest displays of love and bond in our relationship that anyone outside of the Axel, Drew, and I had probably ever seen, and luckily Mrs. S took some amazing photos that we will likely only ever share with the truest of friends (though I will post an edited one with this post).

Then, Mrs. S had a surprise in store. Daddy had gotten me some suspension boots, as he knows I has a huge fantasy for being suspended upside down, and those boots happened to have  had been packed for the trip and delivered to the dungeon. Master and the Lady Werks secured me into the boots and Mr. Steelwerks himself joined us to assist in working the hoists as I heard the clicking sound as my body lifted from the floor. The pain ensued for a bit longer. Mrs. S talked to me as she pushed my pain thresholds with the encouragement of my Master. At some point, after my hanging, she asked if it was okay if some two of their closest friends from out of town stopped by to meet us just for a few minutes. Now, a slave doesn’t really have a choice in such things, if my Master approves, but he did, so it didn’t matter what I thought really, but I did appreciate her asking. I trusted him. I was laid onto the floor, still hooded and gagged and, although I couldn’t see the two people who eventually met me naked clad in leather restraints, I could hear a distinctive regional accent that reminded me of how those of us from the southern US tend to talk a bit slower and suddenly compared my drawl to Drew’s and how we grew up 40 miles from each other but sound so different. It’s funny where one’s mind goes to as a gimp in the floor during a meeting.

However, the important part is that I met two people and talked with them for a second as just an owned piece of property belonging to my Master. I know this slave’s cock throbbed. While I didn’t see these two people until we all went out for dinner that night, I was seen for the first time in real life outside a very small circle, as my Master’s property, slave, object, as my Daddy’s beast. Sappy, horny, so fucking proud to be displayed as such, were the feelings I was experiencing and I honestly wished they would have come back to see more of me, though that would have been hard to do since there was little they had not already seen.

As we finished the session Master was the first one I saw when the hood came off. That face I felt was now looking at me. It looked just like it felt. Those beautiful eyes, that grin, that handsome face….I swooned a bit I am sure. Mrs. S thanked my Master for allowing her to use his property while I glowed with the pride of an owned, loved, slave. As a returned to a more normal head space, the S’s, my Master, and I discussed the day. What we all liked most and the least, and about what bruises would continue to show up where for the week to come. I continued internally swooning.

Mrs. S and I talked about life, HGTV, and my time at the Fire Academy learning to be a fireman on top of my other career while we put the gear away in a special area to be cleaned and sanitized. Then, she hugged me. This small lady with a giant heart mixed with fiery red sadism showed that there is a love, care and an acceptance between people that exists in pure kink and pure friendship made even more amazing because we also share a great friendship outside of kink too. Sexuality due damned.

Then, I immediately needed a nap. So, to the hotel we went.

For dinner that night, the four of us met the anonymous couple that had seen me naked earlier that day. It was nice to put faces with the voices and I found myself slightly surprised that not a single bit of embarrassment crossed my mind. Dinner conversation was great. We talked about chastity, plugs, toys, and the mental side of what fuels our kinks, which is way more than a physical thing on so many levels. They were a straight femdom couple, something I am not around a lot (that I know about, of course) but who we fucked didn’t matter at all as I knew that the man and I both sat there encased in titanium and, by the end of the night, we were sharing pictures of our encased dicks and talking about the plugs we enjoy best….turns out we both quite enjoy the limited run SWerks plugs and the jingle that both his and mine make among other things, of course. Master told me later that in a more quiet room he might have made us try to clang out a Christmas Carole or two, so, I then found myself loving the noisy space.

The next day, I spent with my Master serving him. We had time together to just relax into one another and we talked about our favorite things in life, about fantasies we have been having lately, and how much our lives are better with each other in them. And there was a lot of hot sexy stuff that makes a slave want to cum. The rules state that I can cum, if I can manage it in my cage. I was so fucking close. My Master could feel it. I could feel it. Mentally, my body felt it. Physically, I did not come. Despite Master’s fervent encouragement, I came so fucking close, but not physical ejaculation. I had all the other parts of the physical orgasm. It nearly brought me to my knees. I was spent. We showered, we rested. We had out check in talks that we have every so often and then, we shopped. I needed a coat and he needed to hobble around in his cast, so off we went.

Later, we were picked up by our new friends from the previous day and met the muggled up, fancied up Steelwerks’ couple at dinner. Dinner was amazing. On the ride in the car to and from dinner, we discussed our thruple, if you will. We gave a quick verbal rundown of the organizational flow chart. Who is number one and number two to who and Daddy’s (Axel) umbrella ownership of both my Master and his slave. I told them more about Daddy and how amazing he is. I talked about how he loved both of us. How he cares for me in ways that differ from my Master. Being Daddy’s beast and my Master’s slave…fuck I don’t deserve their love. I could feel my eyes get watery as I smiled that stupid grin I have and told our new pervert friends just how amazing the two men in my life are to me. I thanked them for allowing me a place to be seen as my Master’s slave. What a privilege to

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