2022 Orgasm Decision Made by Jack

Like each year before, I have had the opportunity to choose whether I wanted my previously agreed to annual orgasm. See, years ago when I gave my penis to my Master, he told me that I could have one orgasm a year on either Christmas or New Year’s Eve and I agreed to that whole heartedly. That was as scary to me as it was hot and never did I even think, at that time, that Master would ask me each year whether I wanted the orgasm or whether I wanted to forego it as a testament to my service. And, if I had thought about it, I cannot imagine I would ever say no.

Fast forward, a third holiday season has passed with my Master’s slave locked in a cage, free of the burdens of worrying about a typical orgasm. Apparently, a locked cock is a happy cock, just like my grandma used to say.

The last two years I chose to forego it and, this year, when Master reminded me it was time to make the choice, I truly thought about it and took each of the comments made on the post to heart. Master promised me he had no say in this and that he would be happy for my decision either way – after reminding me that the orgasm would not be from my hand and that I would be relocked immediately, of course.

I had a choice. A choice that he would be proud of regardless. A choice that not just any old slave would be allowed. I can’t pinpoint the exact moment in time that I made it, but I made the decision rather quickly. I have had a few conversations about the choice, the gift of choice. the burden of choice for a slave and the burden of a making that choice for my Master. These were all done while balancing the ideas surrounding how a chaste slave should be treated and/or what actually defined a chaste slave.

The overwhelming factor in this decision is the fact, as I have said 2,000 times, is that I have found that I tend to thrive through denial – mentally, physically, and emotionally. I am a better man, dad, boyfriend, slave, boy, best friend, pet, nurse, and fireman than I ever imagined I could be three years ago – or ever really. These things all drove my decision.

In the end, as no surprise, I decided to forego the 2022 orgasm again and will not have to worry about this decision for at least 363 more days. What clinched it? Well, that was a conversation with my Master yesterday when we were out running errands, that I found sums it up quite nicely. I mentioned to him that my ass is sore and legs are still sore from the other day when he stretched me to get inside quite deeply and that those two things had made my tube full each and every time I thought about those moments. The thought of this soreness was making my slave dick leak and that every time I squeeze the plug I constantly carry, I hope that squeeze finds its way to Master to help make his dick rock hard too, wherever he is. I do anything I can to make him happy and, when allowed, my biggest priority is helping him have the most amazing orgasm he can have due to my service to him.

These things all added u and, in the end, I realized that I love when he shares his orgasm with me and I am always so proud I helped make it special for him. So, with that, why would I need my own orgasm when his is so amazing for both of us?


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