hug a sub.

Happy MAL weekend. No, we are not there because, well, we just didn’t schedule right and the older I get the less I like crowds, so for those of you there, we are with you in spirit and hope you have an amazing time.

I think you all know that Jack decided to forego his 2022 orgasm and now has something like 350 days before he will even have to worry about that again. By that point he will be well over 1,000 days locked which is damn impressive and also scary to think about how fast it goes. As I said in the post about it and he said in his, I wanted this decision to be 100% his as I either pretended so well that I fooled myself or I truly didn’t care. His devotion to his service is already so strong that I knew one orgasm would not change that. But, I also get the need for a personal goal and to go as far as one can. Jack is competitive as fuck and a bit of a perfectionist, so I know what is driving him with that too. And, with his decision to not have one and the resolution I saw in his eyes when he made that call just made me both respect him even more and I had a feeling of pride so deep inside that it made me swoon a bit more than I already do when I think about him and his dedication to service.

All of this, and a few other events of late, have made me think a lot about subs and slaves and how much admiration I have for them in so many ways. As I write this, Jack is chained under my desk treating my legs to a delightful massage and, from the look on his face when I look down, he is having such a good time. I admire him for that because he is just home from the hospital and has put everything “away” so that he can focus on his slave self, a task of compartmentalization that I am rarely, if at all, ever able to do. I am so proud for and of him that it just makes me smile.

Additionally, over the last few weeks I have had the pleasure of having coffee or dining with four other men who are in relationships where they are the submissive of the house, the slave of a Mistress, the slave of a Master, or the sub boy training to be a slave under their husband/Master. In all cases, these men are skilled and powerful when they are allowed clothes. In the bunch there is a surgeon, a lawyer, an electrician, and a C-suite executive who uses a lot of big words (when he’s not gagged) with the word “acquisition” being used frequently. In all of these cases, these guys are self assured men who run the show yet they go to work locked in a chastity cage with a plug in their ass “carrying” their Master or Mistress with them wherever they go. To them, it’s normal day to day operations when outside their houses yet all strip down and collar up at home where they are able to step into the world that brings them joy, peace, and disciplined pleasure. One day I hope to officially interview them all and write a book about them that will be designed to show, teach, and train other men (or women) that submission equals pride, peace and power in ways that those of us who are not wired that way would likely not ever understand. These men have found and, most importantly, accepted themselves as a submissive partner in a relationship and though some like to be called less than or reminded of what they can’t do, they all deep down know that submission is strength and I find their acceptance of themselves and the need within them so fucking sexy that I also have to add that submission is sexy too.

I know that I don’t represent most of what we see on Twitter and the like and I am sure there are many subs and Doms that thrive on those type relationships, but for those that think like me, give your sub a hug today and thank them for their service. Then, immediately thereafter, of course, make their ass glow to show them how proud you are.


  1. Please don’t delay with that book. It’s needed now as there are plenty of men out there (this slave included) who are very eager to learn about all the ways they can achieve their goals of total submission.

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  2. winderfully written. as a service slave who was a project manager with over 70 subordinates amd 2 Masters degrees. There is an inner need to serve others. i have never understood but was in a vanilla relationship where i gave my wife all the choices, vacation , house . children, budget, She was in charge. i am enivous of the younger generalaztion as they are more free to be themselves. Thank You love your posts and your relationships. Thank You

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