pain. (by jack)

One of my favorite places in the world is my Master’s quads, I mean sitting on his lap, with my legs wrapped around a body that feels like electricity pulsing through us when I touch him. It’s not a place that is earned without an appropriate admission fee. That takes service. 

My days of switchy fantasies actually being a reality have changed over the last few years. While there are times I just want to dominate some hottie I saw a picture of or had a chat with, or crossed his profile somewhere, I’m taken back to those times I’ve done that before, and in comparison to now, they seem quite shallow. Not that they had no meaning or there was no friendship there, but there wasn’t a connection like i have found with Master and Daddy. There is love, there is friendship, there is a real, intense and also very very “normal” relationship there. That’s what makes the kinky stuff everybody wants to hear about AND the “normal” stuff nobody really wants to hear about so fucking amazing!  It is, well, it is REAL. 

So on to the kinky stuff everybody wants to hear about. I have had a rough few weeks at work, we all have, I think. I NEEDED and CRAVED being closer to my Master. I all but begged him to give me his pain. I was doing a poor job of trying to hide the hunger in my eyes and the leaking titanium tube as I asked him to hurt me, to mark me, to leave a visual reminder and a soreness with me that would last all week long while he traveled for work. But those things keep me feeling closer when we geographically can’t be close. And well, I’m a pervert that happens to drive some of his inner pervert. We play this game of are you sure and yes Master, I think so. That may be due to our seemingly innate craving for denial and the energy it produces in the air and the heightened mental and physical reactions to it. 

I took my Master’s pain. As the pain and burning inflicted on my nipples left a throbbing soreness that has lasted for at least 3 days now.

I smiled, because I could see his sadistic (swoon inducing AF, I might add) grin spread across his face. I went upstairs and  looked over at the impact implements chosen for me earlier the day- The rubber pain stick, a studded “tenderizer” wooden paddle, a steel paddle, and Master’s favorite leather paddle. I waited on my knees, hands behind my back, head down. I heard Master coming up the stairs and I pulsed with each step he took. 

Over the side of the tub, is where I was ordered to assume my position. Ass up, legs spread like Master likes them. Hands flat on the floor of the tub. He asked if I was sure I wanted it, that I was sure I needed it.

We know I gave a hearty yes Master, in response. We discussed what taking his pain means to us both. We discussed pushing limits. I knew this was going to hurt. As the implements cycled through rotation, my body was tense, warm, sweaty, burning, tingling, and the filled titanium tube bounced with my heartbeat. The tube leaked as I felt my master working over his slave’s body. Sharing His pain with me. Allowing me the privilege to make him proud to be the receiver of the gift of his pain. That makes me proud, too. 

I wasn’t sure if I could take more. Then I caught a glimpse of the pure joy in Master’s eyes and the grin— swoon. Goddamnit, I know he knows how much I can’t resist him, but part of me still wants to believe my eager giddy-ness isn’t so blatantly fucking obvious. My body betrays me, as I shake in the pure pleasure of taking Masters pain. 

When I can take no more, Master takes me to the bedroom. Still reeling from the pain and the pleasure, he tells me how proud I make him taking his pain. I grin. I want to cry, not because it hurts, but because he sees me for me in that instant. And his eyes sparkle and his grin melts my heart. He sits in the floor motions for me to give him one leg and then the other. I’m a spent mess of so much good right then and there. I straddle my Master’s lap. I feel his wet leaking cock against my body. I lean into him. I let every part of my being rest on my Master (and Maybe grind my still plugged ass against him). He holds me. He rubs my body. He bites me, leaving a bruise because he knows I love seeing it in the mirror in the mornings. We talk about how the marks will look, evolve and change that we put on his slave’s body that day. We discuss how they will look when he comes back from work travel in a week. We discuss life, love, us. My world in a nutshell is completely held by MY Master, all of me, there on his fucking beautiful sexy quads, I mean sitting there in his lap. That’s beautiful. The relationship, the pain, the totality of encompassing, unconditional pervert man love. He makes me happy. 

I sit here tonight, waiting for our usual call. I admire the marks that are evolving on my thighs, my ass, my hips, my arms, and other places. I feel closer to my Master. I know he feels closer to me, too. I’m thankful for him in so many ways, but I’m thankful that pain plays a part in bringing us closer and closer. I hope it is never close enough because the process of trying for enough is amazing.

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