10 Questions for Jack

A bit of a Q&A from some questions that have come to Master’s inbox recently.

  1. Jack, what advice, if any, would you give to men (like myself) in my 30’s hoping to one day be an owned sub/slave?

Advice? I’m not so sure I am qualified to give advice. I could give you a list of reasons why, but I’ll spare you that. Honestly, I am not sure that I ever had the desire to be owned. I only had a few friends in my kink world and, through them, explored Dom, sub, and my Switchy parts (all to varying degrees) but never thought I would be a slave. I had an idea of what I thought I wanted, but it never really included total, or really even partial, ownership of me. I really only thought I might have some hot scenes now and again and that was about all I ever imagined it would be, especially as a single parent. 

Then, somehow, I met two men that ultimately love me for who I am, what I am, and make me proud to be those things all while encouraging me to grow in all parts of my world. As they encouraged me, my slave side came out and, truth be told, I am the one who told Drew I wanted to be his slave and be owned. I was as surprised as he was. This new world and those feelings gave me a world which is now better than I’ve ever had before. There is unconditional love that is given and received in three different directions (or some mathematical degree thereof). Trust is a big aspect of it. None of this works without trust and communication (I am still learning to be a better communicator). It isn’t perfect at all times, but we work.

I guess my advice would be to be open minded. Look for trust and go from there. Again, I didn’t go about with intentions of being owned, but here I am, owned and proud of it. My Master and Daddy are worthy of my submission, and I’d like to think I am worthy of them, as well. In a sense, I am owned, but they belong to me as much as I belong to them, it’s just different types of belonging.

2. For Jack, in a recent tweet you mentioned all the ways your Master “transforms you” – what did you mean by that?

My Master knows my mind. We are very much alike in many ways, and different enough in others. He reads me, my body language, my tone, my demeanor, even my mind at times, it might appear. So, after a stressful day, he can read than I need his pain, time under the desk, or a list of other things. I can feel my mindset change with him. My mind switches on or off depending on the situation at hand. My senses heighten. My chemistry changes. I can be his object, his slave, his animalistic beast, his maid, his desk, his chair, his fleshlight, or I can be his best friend, his boyfriend, his other partner in life. I play many roles as does he. I guess what I am trying to say is that it isn’t only one sided, for us. We both benefit from my service and his ownership of his slave in lots of ways.

3. What is different about how you are treated by your Daddy and Master?

Well, Daddy is definitely the caregiver. My service to him looks quite different than my service to Master. Sometimes serving Daddy looks like me laying across his lap while he rubs out the knots in my neck or back and we both just switch off the brain. Part of me thinks I’d starve to death if it were Master who had to do the cooking. Daddy loves to cook and is a damn fine one, at that. He gets joy from taking care of me, in a sense. He gets needs met differently than Master. However, Daddy does oversee Master and I. He gets to have the final say in things that Master can and cannot do to or with me at times. Goddamn, that fucking makes me swoon.

That is not to say that Master doesn’t care for me and show me affection. In fact, it is quite the opposite. That care is just delivered in a manner than tends to leave marks more often than Daddy’s care does.

4. Any advice on how to stay plugged 24/7?

Practice makes perfect. Listen to your body, and always have a plan in the event you can’t carry the plug. A good diet, fiber, water, etc. help with the biological aspects. I promise you that once you start, the emptiness of not being plugged is far more to get used to than being filled.

5. Does your Master loan you out? If so, can I borrow you from your Master?

Well, it isn’t off the table, but the short answer is you have to ask Master. Because I know and trust him, and I know he truly wants me safe and protected, what he decides is the answer. But he hasn’t yet. So, given no other information, the answer is probably not unless you happen to be part of the inner circle. He is very type-A. You’d have to pass his requirements and those would likely be pretty steep.

6. How is being a real slave different than porn?

There is more of a relationship than you’d ever see in porn. Some of the hottest most amazing parts of being a slave are the boring, daily things. When we know what the other is thinking. When we are just quiet and close to each other. Those are probably the most swoon-inducing times when power is taken and given in such a way that it is just us being.

I don’t eat out of a bowl on the floor at every meal. I ask for permission for most things, but the list of things I am allowed to choose on my own is growing smaller. Our version of life includes jobs and friends and family of all sorts. As much as being chained to my Master 24/7 is an idea that fills a certain titanium tube more than you could possibly imagine, I still have responsibilities to others. He absolutely loves that I am well trained that I can interact with the muggle world and still be owned in such a way that others see it, but they just have no clue.

7. What do you miss about being un-owned?

Now that is a hard question. I like to think I’d say I miss what most would consider a traditional orgasm. To be honest, the “orgasms” I have now are much more intense than any I’ve ever had before. The connection I have now is unlike anything ever before. So, I guess the answer is that I don’t really miss anything from my un-owned life. There is just nothing that was so amazing about it that I’d want it back.

8. I know you mention having a child and never mention details so I am trying to respect that, but how can you be a slave and be a Dad?

It is just who I am. It is me. There is life outside of my collar that continues. 

9. What’s Drew like in real life that is not shown on the blog?

He’s the most amazing man you’d ever meet. He’s taller than you’d expect, thick, and strong. He is a ginger with the most fascinated blue/green eyes that light up when he spanks me. He has a huge heart and a smile that makes me melt. He’s a type-A driven personality and a pretty bad ass executive as I often hear while under his desk. But, he may literally be the most tender hearted man I know. Just don’t tell him I realize it.

10. What’s next for you?

Big plans, as always. No ejaculation, well, until or if Master decides. Some health and fitness goals for the year. Some kinky goals for the year. Possibly a beta slave to help with my duties and as an outlet for some of my more dominant tendencies. Regardless, growing closer and closer to Master and Daddy and being used as a tool to support and care for these two is my goal, always and (sappy alert) until forever. 

Fuck, did I mention how much serving them makes me better ?

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