A slave’s day off and the bruises that follow – by jack.

Staring into my Master’s blue eyes, feeling the glow of that swoon inducing grin is my happy place as our bodies both breathe heavily as we relax into one another. The heat between us grows and my cage strains as I feel him leaking against me. He’s on his knees and I’m in his fucking lap, and I still cannot get close enough to him. I have never been so hungry for the feeling of another person and, to be honest, I historically have never liked being super physically close to people, but I can’t get close enough to my Master.

We are sitting there in the floor. My legs wrapped around Master and my hands are locked behind me as he holds me up. This is our place where we come to talk. Our place where we come to rest and relax. It is our place technically, but it is my spaced when I need to feel closer or need to be better either physically, mentally, or emotionally. This is the place of after care – where we come to after many things….after I take his pain, after one of us has had a long day, after sex, after, well after anything that needs discussing or just a little bit of being closer.

A few days ago, we sat there after a lot of those things happened. I had the increasingly rare day off of work and I got to spend it with Master as he had the increasingly rare day not traveling and working in his home office. I was in full service mode and, the night before, he gave me a full list of things that I would be doing to serve my Master. He blended the list with times for spankings or hits and increased those numbers if I didn’t do something right. I was going to be there about 8 hours, so the initial goal was 100 per hour, or 800 that day (though it increased 1200 by day’s end). He sent a schedule, which I need more so than Master does since his day already has a schedule that makes me wonder how he changes modes so fast. But, he knows I need order and do better with a plan since it calms me and makes my service to him shine. The plan was laid out so that my day was full of chores around the house during meetings that he did not think I needed to hear from under the desk and time directly serving Master. Also, each hour, I got 100 hits with an implement, plus any other that I had earned during the past hour. 

One of the beauties of starting my work say at 4:30am is that I am up early and was able to be at Master and Daddy’s house super early. Daddy was up as he had early clients, but Master was in bed and Daddy let me go crawl in with him and sleep with him just a bit before it was time to get the day going. For me, that meant  I started by rubbing my Master’s body, closing my eyes and following the mental map of him in my mind. I went right to my sub space here as I felt every inch of him. As he wakes up I can almost feel his grin as he says, “Good morning slave.” I swoon, climb on top of him and rub his shoulders and neck and face. There is something about those quiet times in the morning that I absolutely adore and the thoughts of those rare mornings are sometimes how I make myself go to my happy place at night when I try to sleep.

I felt Master’s cock against me, leaking. What an honor to know that I had some part in that. We talked about the schedule for the day as I licked the head of his dick. Fuck he tastes amazing. We got up and had breakfast that Daddy made before he left. Of course, I had mine in the floor while he sorted through his morning email at the small desk in the back of the house before his shower time and “commute” to work to the office he has in the front of the house.

After breakfast, I received my first 100 hits with an acrylic paddle which is probably one of my least favorites, but that doesn’t really matter. Today, though, I loved it. It stings. It makes my ass red. It makes Master smile and when done, it was now time for our shower. I prepped the bathroom, shaved Masters face and trimmed his hair. The shower was warm and ready. I cleaned his body in the shower. There is something so personal, so intimate about providing such care to my Master. As he leans agains the wall, I scrub his back and admire the wet soapy broad, muscled man before me. “Damnit, if I only had a dick,” I thought. But I grinned because technically, there is one attached to me, but it isn’t mine. This made the titanium tube fill and my balls turn a beautiful purple/blue shade. I dried my Master’s body with a towel. I got on the floor and dried his feet with my tongue, the Steelwerks plug rattling in my ass as I moved back and forth doing so. I had already gotten the clothes for Master’s work day ready. As I dressed him, I couldn’t help but put my tongue on his beautiful veiny cock. Since I did not ask permission, more hits were added to this hour’s upcoming hundred. Maybe I wanted a few more. Maybe I was supercharged by being around my Master. Maybe I just really wanted to push limits today. So, I did it again.

It was time for the next spanking round. This time, it was the pain stick. Fuck, it hurt. It burned. It makes an electrical charge go down my legs when it hits just the right spot. My titanium was full and leaking. Masters dick was as hard and veiny as ever. I looked back over my shoulder and could see the look in his eyes and the grin on his face. I knew that the rest of the day would only get more intense. 

After we finished, we went to his office and I spent time under the desk. My cuffs and collar were on, as usual. However, today I was fixed in place by a short, thick cable from my collar to the anchor point on the wall by his desk. Just a slave, a footrest, a tongue, a throat, maybe even just an object of art with a metal dick (depending on your taste in art, I suppose). I do know that his zoom meetings sound so much more productive when I am down there. 

The morning continued in a likewise fashion and, even though I am just a slave and have no idea who is on the screen, there are some meetings he doesn’t want me listening to so he sent me out to get my chores do. As usual, I was  chained to my kettle bell as I worked around the house as Master worked. Each hour, he’d come out and  I’d get more hits with a different implement. My ass was getting white hot each time and that fucking heat radiated off of me all day.

After Master’s last meeting that morning, we had lunch that Master had delivered. Of course, I was allowed to have mine on the floor near him as he ate and, luckily, I stayed under the desk for most of the rest of the day. Once the last meeting was over, we reviewed my list of services that we had made the day before. As I had done a good job, Master took me by the collar and led me upstairs. He allowed this slave on the bed as I massaged his body. I licked every square inch of him as he relaxed. We counted up the tally for the number of times I had been hit. Between the various paddles and the flogger I was still short about 200 or so. My ass was sore and red. He wanted to know if I could handle the rest of them. Short of begging for it, I said I needed it. I think he needed it too. Perched on the side of the bed, Master whispered in my ear again, “Are you sure?”

“Yes, Master. I need it. I think we both need it. I want to feel the pain you share with me. I want to see the marks you give to me. I want to feel the heat coming off of us both. I want to see your grin. I want to make you proud because you make me so proud,” I answered. (Well, something very similar, but you get the gist). 

My Master and I set a new record. That fucking grin, his eyes, his hard leaking dick let me know how proud he was of his slave. He asked if I needed more. I did. I craved it. I asked him to push my limits. He gave it to me. He warned me that they would not be easy and, fuck, they were not. He elicited a few rare grunts and gasps from me (he has trained me to be silent and internalize the pain). While I wanted more, he stopped. He said I had reached a limit for the day and apparently the glow of my ass showed that fact.

As always, we went to our place. There in his lap, we took each other in. We talked. We grew even closer. Our world got even better. I even earned a kiss, well several. Everything grew deeper. Goddamnit, that man owns every fucking part of me.

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