Happy Leap Day to all. Today actually just may be my day because it’s about 8am and I am sitting in my favorite chair in the Skyclub waiting to head off for the week. It’s been a puzzling morning because traffic was oddly light, I got the first parking space closest to the door in the whole garage, my upgrades cleared, and the TSA officers were friendly and chatty as my stealthy metal penis went right through their scanners. I don’t want to be the person who is wondering what shoe may drop now, which is my natural way to be honest, so I simply won’t. Yet.

Actually, I think it’s because I had sex last night. Good, almost non handicapish sex with a few modifications for Axel not being bendy and for me still having an aversion to touching an area within 17.4″ from his healing incision and to being aggressive in any format. We improvised though and I was holding my own until his cane fell off the bed which caused me to have visions of future geriatric sex, but, I recovered nicely, and all in all, it was satisfying and quite a refreshing treat after seven weeks of nothing. Also, as a funny aside, right after said sex, Axel took a picture of me in the kitchen where I have this weird glow and a happy look. It’s not my Facebook profile pic and which each like I get, I giggle a bit knowing if they only knew!

In other news, Axel and I hit the reset button on many things this weekend, most of which will be detailed in upcoming posts this week about the whats and whys. It’s nothing hugely drastic, but enough that it changed the future plan for our marriage, careers, and even residence and, though it might be hard in the beginning, I think the changes will be for the best (and no, it does not involve any separation regardless of how unintentionally cryptic that may have sounded) as it will bring us closer together.

But, there is nothing in that paragraph above to fret over as all is good and Drew is happy and Axel is happy too (btw, he’s recovering fine, driving again, but about three more weeks before allowed to work half days).

I have a huge month in March of almost nonstop travel, but I do get to go to a few of my favorite places, have a birthday, see the Bunny at least once (maybe twice), AND baseball season is rapidly approaching, so all is good in the House of Drew.

Oh, and here is a small teaser from last night in the laundry room, you know, cause it’s Monday.



Yesterday I wrote a post about Mixed Muggle Marriages and about how I have bonded with these two men in Australia who are going through the same things that Axel and I have been flirting with for many years now; the vanilla other half.

I was happy with that post and the honesty that was in there that followed a conversation with Oz and PB about “did we settle?” and I think it’s actually quite a good thing to have these conversations with someone (likely someone not the vanilla side of your couple-ship) because, at least for me, the reality of the “I have a damn good thing happening” is almost always the result at the end of the conversation. In addition, I have to wonder how we would be if we really had the person who fueled every single fantasy? In my case, I could tell you I’d never get any work done and my house would be a constant mess.

But, what hit me last night as I was going to bed going through my John Boy Walton Twitter Goodnight list that I do every single night at bedtime with  “good night Thumper, good night Belle, good night Steelwerks, good night Charmer, good night Snake, good night Ferns, good night Nerdydirty, good night Lion, good night Mrs. Lion, good night Tom, good night Mrs. Fever, have an itchy but good night Kiwi, etc” that what I wrote about and what Ferns is doing with the vanilla dating experience is absolutely nothing new and I know for a fact through many of my Twitter friends, that every single one of us (on the kinky and non kinky side of the fence) once did or or continues to struggle with the acceptance of our partner, the possible embarrassment of admission, the coming out so to speak, and, most likely, a deep fear of what if we did get everything we wanted? So I know my Aussie boys and myself, are not unique in this at all, which is what I feared I had expressed in the first post about it. In my case, I still, every single day have those above feelings with Axel, and even had them with Thumper who, in theory, knew more about the sexual side of me than anyone, so I think it’s important that we continue to state that for those people who are just starting this process with their boring, err, I mean vanilla partner?

But, when I have these thoughts, good or bad, I go back to what I have learned from these bloggers who write this stuff, who tell their inner needs, etc and I always come back to the aforementioned “I have it pretty good” place and then I finally go to sleep. I have teased Thump about starting this trend before and have threatened to start a “Fans of denyingthumper.com web group”, because I do credit him with a deal of starting a trend of open, honest dialogue.

To add to this, and to further add to the mix for those of you on the same side of the partner kink puzzle, have you ever really thought about what would it REALLY have looked like if your other half said “I’m glad you brought that up because I have been meaning to talk to you about my desire for you to be (insert deep dark fantasy here)“. Don’t lie, I know you have. I have many many times, but it doesn’t make me sad or anything other than what I said above. I bring this up because this morning Canadian Chris and I were having a talk aboot things and the subject came up about two or three couples we each know separately who did meet their darker other halves and, well, I personally think they are way further fucked up in their day to day lives and kink versus muggle ratio than any of us with the split spectrum. I don’t say this to judge, nor do I say this to imply that every kinky/kinky coupling has issues, but it’s just that reality on the other side of the fantasy we often don’t allow ourselves to see and it’s a valuable lesson to me when I do start to wonder “what if?

The only actual real life situation I can place on this is with me and on my muggle side because, when I told my parents I was gay way back when almost 20 years ago and outside the now fantastic story of how that happened, my mother expressed to me a deep worry that, “because of my gayness“, I would never know a solid relationship that wasn’t filled with external strife, judgment, and other factors that would keep me and my partner (she actually said “lover” until I threatened to jump off a bridge if I ever heard her say that again) from having a “terrific young happy love experience” like my sister who, at the time was married probably five or six years. I never gave that much thought honestly until a few years ago, at a very specific event, she and I were having just a fun conversation when she said something like she is so surprised, and so happy that I did “have it all” and that how wrong she was about things and her projections versus reality.  We both really laughed when we thought about it, and brought Axel in as well, because it was right around our 15th happy year and apparently, we proved the reality was better in the long run.

Of course, this specific event I referenced was the party we were at to celebrate my sister’s fourth marriage. Young happy terrific love, my ass.


It’s 5 something in the morning and I am already in the air over Ohio or some place like that headed to, of course, Atlanta and then home. I was lucky enough to get a last minute upgrade on this flight, but have a window seat which I hate because I immediately have to pee the minute I sit down in one of those and, since it’s often not easy to crawl over the person next to you, I wait. In today’s case, I am sitting next to a man who just asked the flight attendent for “skinny mocha, no whipped cream” and wondered “what the special of the day” is? Apparently he has not been on a plane in years and doesn’t really realize that he’s just, well, stupid.

Anyhow, for those of you who also follow my Australian girlfriend, the beautiful Ferns, you will know that she is in the middle of a rather interesting experience that she describes as “vanilla dating immersion” where she has added to her regular search for submissive men by opening up a few categories on the checklist to include those who are not necessarily collar craving men ready to please her. Now, I am stating this a little too broadly as she clearly has specific interests in what she is looking for and, I would assume, open mindedness would be the top of the list. Also, while we have not specifically discussed the surrounding elements of this, I know she has no desire to hide her kinkier side and, knowing her well, I know there is no way she could hide her sweet, yet domineering side (I mean, hell, she had me, a man so not interested in lady parts, running for bubbles) so whoever she dates on the muggle side of life would be introduced to the other side in some form or fashion.

This got me thinking because, as I have told you, I have made some pretty tight connections down under with the two men I referenced the last post as Oz and Plugboy. The Plugboy title was a joke, so specifically, the two I am talking about we will now call Oz and Dakota. These two guys are in addition to my other friends I have met in The land down there which culminated all around my last visit there, which, as far as I know, was likely my last professional visit as the contract I was working on ended at that point. The fucking karma on that just pisses me off but all hope of going back is not lost, even if it is just with me and my American Express paying the way.

Anyway, these two guys have quickly become two of my closest, yet furthest, friends because we have a great deal in common in how our relationships have worked out. As a setup, Oz is a very dominant, very skilled, incredibly sexy tall Aussie (who would really like me to refer to him as Sir Oz and his Cadre of boys in these writings) with a voice that could bring a man to his knees immediately. He’s everything a sub could want, but he fell in love with a vanilla, yet open man, and the two of them are now newlyweds after many years together prior to their marriage. Oz loves his husband with all his soul, but his inner need to shield him from some of what he desires can often get in his way leading to guilt, questioning, and pondering about did he settle too soon or is this the absolute best thing. I did not settle, none of us did, but during those moments one wonders.

Dakota, named specifically for his adventures in a state while in the US, is a really cute, 40ish man who has these beautiful eyes that just command you look at him. He’s wicked smart, has a sense of humor that I suspect is much darker than he has shown me, and professionally dominates most of Australia with his very specific knowledge of infrastructure and what is needed. That said, he is as submissive as Oz is dominant, and he craves to have as much control over his day to day life in the ways of chastity, exercise, clothing, plugging and bondage as would feasibly be possible. However, about five years ago, give or take, he fell in love with a younger, beautiful vanilla man with a name that just reminds you of all things good and lovely. While Dakota would like his husband to be his Master or at a minimum his key holder, he’s stuck with the “meh” mentality from his partner because, while he’s glad that Dakota is open with him and wants to experience things, he’s just not sure where he fits into that picture, which also leaves Dakota wondering and often insecure about his specific kinks. Like, Oz, Dakota loves his husband madly and just does not want to hurt him with anything outside the realm of the plain ice cream, but also knows he needs more.

Oh, did I mention that Dakota and Oz are great friends and former play partners prior to each of them finding a muggle? No?, well, add that fact in as well as the fact that both spouses know that and embrace that, though they have not played in that sense since becoming muggled. Both want to change that and Oz has taken subtle control with more planned. However, this subtle control, and perhaps stronger less subtle control, can only be enacted if and when Dakota can get his husband to more than agree,  but to also, more importantly, understand the why and the deep need as to WHY Dakota not only wants this, but needs it.

Where we have commonalities and where my part of the friendship comes in is that, as a reminder, I am a switch with preference to the D or to the s dependent on the person I am with. Like them, I also fell in love with a vanilla man who I was desperately trying to mold to fit me, though as every day passes, we realize that it’s more a strategic plan that, in time will likely materialize into some wonderful happy middle, which you have all watched us get closer to each and every month. It took us almost 15 years to really start this, which is why I feel such a bond with these two guys and want to help them with whatever I can since I have likely gone through it.

In addition, both have admitted that the vanilla side of their marriages or their partners lack of “ummph” about it has, at times, wounded their sense of pride, or perhaps, balance in themselves as a kinkster. I absolutely get this as, for those new to the game, I was growing the D side of my personality a rapid pace last year and was proud of this because it was something I had always doubted the real me could do.  I was beginning to really own it and, somehow, the D side was also feeding my s side. Of course, I did this through, and with the assistance of my kinky submissive boyfriend on the side who then transitioned to my now a kinky submissive friend on the side. Despite all assurances to the contrary that it was not me (or specifically me and how I played in the Dom role) and even with my logical brain telling me this too, the secure feeling I was gaining in my kink role suffered some big wounds that are taking time to heal and, I think, have prevented me from finding another. The reality is that we, the kinky ones in this threesome of couples I am discussing, probably have taken these feelings much deeper than our partners would ever fathom that we took them, but it’s there, and it’s something I want to help them through while also helping myself.

With these two guys specifically, I would fit somewhere right in the middle of their Dom/sub inclinations and, if life had a magical fantasy setting, the three of us could likely have a great Sir, alpha, and boy triad where we all had rippling abdominal muscles and amazing penises while not needing to do anything but live on a beach with Amazon Prime same day shipping taking care of all of our needs. However, it doesn’t and it won’t work that way and I guarantee you it would not take more than ten minutes before we missed our spouses and craved our muggle sides back.

In addition, something I have found since being around these two is that I am more proud of my kinks again, wherever they fall, and will be writing about a bold move I took last night in introducing the latexy and caged side of Drew to someone muggle me knows well. It was a bold, interesting move, that I think paid off.

Finally, to wrap this back up to Ferns, I hope she continues to look at the vanilla men because, as the three here can attest, our lives are infinitely better because we have the muggles, but it just means we have to come about things differently.

I’d love to hear from those of you in these mixed muggle relationships and to ask how you have maintained your muggle when nurturing your kink. Any comments are welcome.

Hello again from another Skyclub. This is a particularly festive one in the Atlanta airport with good soup and even better cookies. The last few days have been interesting in both a good and a bad way, but interesting none the less. On the positive, Axel and I have spent more time together over the last six weeks than I think we have in ten years or so. On the negative, Axel and I have spent more time together over the last six weeks than I think we have in ten years or so. Seriously, it’s a great thing and I have honestly loved the change of pace, but I am a man used to being alone a lot of times, especially when I work from home, and this has just been a huge adjustment and he is a man who is hugely independent and having to rely on me, and others while I travel, is not anything he is enjoying at all. As for Axel, he has about 4-6 more weeks at home (last week he slipped a bit in the shower and that set him back at least two weeks according to his rehab people) so I have vowed to actually enjoy it as much as possible, not work too much on work, and just hang with him –  even though he is miserable because he wants to be better than he is at this stage. Stubborn men.

In addition, I had a flu like cold last week and somehow managed to break a titanium tooth implant deep inside my jaw which hurt tremendously, so I then added my own little bottle of painkillers on the counter next to Axel’s. Because I was sick and since it was a Friday, they could not do surgery to take it out until two days ago, so it was just a long weekend followed by a few hours asleep on Monday and twenty something stitches inside my jaw. During this period I wanted to write a post or seven but refrained because I have learned in the past that pain medicine does nothing to ease me in any way aside from the pain and actually causes me to tense up and have tremendous anxiety which, in this case, made me mad at almost every friend I have for one particular reason or another and made me doubt the existence of anything real in this realm of control I want and/or need. This, of course, caused me to reflect back upon the last year with a viewpoint I knew was not real, just that I could not help. So, all that to say is that I purposely waited to post because most of you would have hated me by today (except for Ferns, we have that unconditional thing going – I just feel it). The good news is that, in my case, having my jaw sliced and diced to get rogue metal out was actually far less painful than when it was in there, so I am off the meds and no longer hate anyone.

Well, I am still pretty pissed at the Scotts, but Axel tells me I have to stop even thinking about them..

However, since I brought them up, I have to say that I have been particularly fixated on the why they dropped like they dropped and how someone who can go so fast toward a goal can just literally stop and go the other way in the apparent blink of an eye. Axel is long past it and actually  couldn’t be bothered by it anymore, in theory, which has left me wondering why I am fixated?  I can’t say I am hurt. I can’t say I am missing out since I really wasn’t in, and I can’t say I really miss them. However, yesterday I think I found a clue as to why and, of course, it came from our dear friend the rabbit.

Thump and I have not talked too much lately and, yesterday morning, I decided to just text him something which led to another text of me saying “I miss being kinky”. I wasn’t saying I missed him, or missed this, that or anything specific, just that I had missed that kinky feeling I had gotten used to feeling. I had in it Montreal, but it was fleeting, and I realize most all of this is situational based on the fact my home is full of walkers, crutches, and raised toilet seat chairs in each bathroom, so it was just a general statement and when sexy returns home, I suspect it will to me too.

He came back with “well, go find someone. I am sure there are plenty of people who would welcome the chance”. It was a very innocent reply by him, and perhaps even a rare compliment, but, (note I was taking big white OxyContin pills), I reacted to him with something like “Thanks. Yeah, that’s easier said than done” while my mind went through a series of pissed off thinking he was rather trite about it, hurt because he and I had made it too fucking complicated, and irritated that my mind just won’t allow me to do that spur of the moment sex thing, let along anything that involves power control. I act like this took hours of thought, but it really was a 30-40 second thing which was followed by the idea that that COULD be fun, as, in fact, there are two men in Australia who I have gotten close to that I would jump on a plane to fuck/be fucked right now if I could – more on them in a subsequent post, but this was then a realization of the dread that follows the idea of looking for something new because I am so complicated. I think that is why the Scotts have irritated me so, because we spent so much time working out the complications, me baring all my secrets to them about this blog, my penis, Thumper’s penis and more and, after it was finally all out there, worked out and done, crickets. They put a ton of effort into it too and I get that, but it just makes it weird and makes me dread having to “negotiate” again if and when I choose to do that.

That said, the happier side of that also now tells me that, logically, they were just not the right people for this because, with the right extra, things would likely not be that complicated. With Thumper, yeah, we discussed lines, limits and spouses, but we often did it naked while having a good time doing so. It was never like that with them so I think I missed that true sign because, while all relationships need work, most should not cause work immediately and that sign is something I will take forward with me.

Time to board and fly North to where it is currently snowing and cold. That makes me happy.

More soon on my friends, who I have threatened to call OZ and Plugboy, coming up real soon (and, yes, PB, I did that).


It’s been a sleepy weekend around here as I have not felt good due to a cold and a broken tooth implant and Axel has been rather quiet himself after slipping a bit this week, literally and figuratively, which has set him back a bit in his recovery. It’s good that my slower months coincided with his surgery in so many ways, but also the working from home part is so much harder when you are not alone, so it’s been an adjustment on top of about 276 other adjustments that I know will all go away over the next few weeks.

That said, I have been snickering all morning because I woke up after a dream about me and Thumper inventing a new <redacted text here because the idea could work> for muggles that made us super rich and he created a nifty jingle for it with nothing but the clanking of a rattler butt plug. It was our little secret and Thumper, Belle, Axel and I became mega rich on an ironically non kinky product. Go figure.

Anyway, in the grand scheme of a kinky life all is about the same here. I have been creating some deviously fun schemes in my head, but I just have to be patient and wait on Axel’s recovery before discussing them and/or waiting to find the right willing masochist to experiment with.

Other than that there is not much to tell aside from my Twitter amusement of the last few weeks. For those of you who have lists that you follow or a certain group of people, have you ever noticed how Twitter follows life, specifically life from high school? There is always one who so desperately wants to be noticed that they insert themselves and somehow work a naked picture into a discussion about chemical warfare, the one who hides quietly until suddenly announcing their imminent departure “if someone doesn’t stop me” before deleting everything they have only to suddenly reappear the next day, or the one who takes one comment you may have made to them and suddenly wants to become your best friend ever ever ever until you can’t take it anymore before engaging the block button. It’s even more funny because these three things happen in my kinky “groups”, my baseball “groups”, my professional “groups” and then you can often just find a random “I’m leaving you forever” post from someone you have never seen before. I just love it in many ways because as technology evolves, basic human behavior does not. Of course, I am likely guilty of all of those things at one point, but, oh well.


Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 7.28.01 AM

I have a new love.

Latex is his name.

He’s shiny, warm, resilient, and he supports me in just the right way when I need it.

It all started back on my first trip to Montreal to see Chris from Steelwerks when Thumper and I took a day trip. Chris is very close to Mario, the owner of Polymorphe, and in wanting to show us the town, he offered to take us by the studio where all the rubbery crafting takes place. Of course we said yes, even though neither of us would say that we were really into latex, and we went, met some great people, and I bought a hood which Mario custom cut for me on the spot and a few pair of latex briefs.

As I said, I was new to this world, having never donned any fetish gear that was not leather or lycra, so my first trip was a bit overwhelming and I went there armed with plenty of preconceived notions about it being hot or sweaty and I was convinced that it would highlight every bump on my body that I particularly didn’t want to highlight. However, it did not take more then five minutes of exploring and, later that night, ten seconds of wearing my new briefs, and I was hooked.

So, knowing I was going back to Montreal to see Chris, I asked him if we could go back, because I wanted to look a bit deeper at the stock and pick out a few things that I might wear should I have the chance to go to a latexy event or ten. He agreed, scheduled our time, told them a bit about what I had in mind, and, after taking care of my metal member, off we went to make me shiny.

Before we get to parts about my stretchy new skin, I want to back up and tell you a bit about Polymorphe and explain my good fortune to be able to be at this particular studio and warehouse that is not open to the public. Polymorphe is a manufacturer of high quality latex clothing and accessories for both men and women and they are a great partner with Steelwerks in the fact that everything is hand touched, hand inspected, and, though it might be more expensive at times, the quality and the materials stand up and out against any other company. While they do not have a physical store, they have an excellent website full of almost anything and everything that one could want to make themselves shine, in addition to being available through many retail other retail locations around the globe. Mario discussed with me the true science of latex and the process in which theirs is made to ensure that it is of the absolute highest quality and is 100 percent toxic free.

Now, getting to the good stuff, Chris and I headed to Polymorphe Central which is a giant brick warehouse on the edge of downtown. Polymorphe operates out of the first floor and when you enter from the side, it smells like I always imagined it would be like to be inside a balloon. With the exception of traditional French music in the background, it’s very quiet inside, the complete opposite of Steelwerks, because the staff are busy designing, cutting, and creating, but they are doing, at least what I could see, by hand with actual scissors and patterns with machines that punch rivets and snaps into all those things at just the right places.

Chris had told them I was thinking about a short catsuit, often called a surf suit, and they, having remembered about my size had a brand new one, created just that morning, for me to try on. There was zero pressure to buy, but I would have bought it anyway just because it was really cool to have had something made just for me. However, once I went to a very quiet private room to get naked and try it on, I was in love and there was no prying that out of my hands at that point. From there, I decided I wanted to try on a pair of latex jeans and we found some that fit and they felt like a dream because they are not too tight on the legs and look like something one could wear to a nice dinner, you know, for the next fetish night at the Outback. Having tried on the jeans, I had to have a shirt and being still half undressed, I sent Chris out to pick me out one from the stockroom. It seemed like hours had passed, so I got dressed and went out there and finally discovered why straight men don’t pick out clothing for gay men, because he had his arms full of various patterns and colors and specifically loved this bright yellow piece that he thought would look good on me demonstrating that he had clearly never once paid attention to my actual skin tone. Luckily, Mario’s partner was there and she took over and found me a vest like shirt that was, to be blunt, fucking beautiful as it was patterned latex but sadly they didn’t have my size. However, being in the center of the place they create, she said “will tomorrow morning at 10 be okay?” meaning that she would have it done by then (and Mario was actually cutting it when I left).

So, with this trip a new fetish has been born. My preconceived notions of hot, sweaty and uncomfortable were misguided in a sense because there is a difference in the cheap latex I had seen and the quality kind I now own. Yes, it is still sweaty, but it’s oddly not hot like I thought it would be. This is a special service provided to Steelwerks customers who are so inclined and in Montreal to go with Chris. I promise Mario trusts Chris and won’t ask to see your metal penis (or the key that you hold) as proof of your right to enter.

Finally, I have to show pics, right? Here are just a few. The one or two x-rated will just find their way to Twitter later today. Somehow.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of spending the day with my friend, Chris, owner, designer, janitor, secretary, CFO, CEO, and, most importantly, artist in residence of Steelwerks Extreme in Montreal, Canada. Thanks to Mother Nature and the inability of Delta Airlines to be able to fly through “extreme wind” in New York, I then had the pleasure of spending an almost extra whole day with him too.

To be honest, Chris and I rapidly developed a friendship last year when I ordered my first custom hollow barbell and the relationship has continued to grow as my purchases have as well. It’s an unusual friendship for both of us as he generally is a shy, quiet “artist type” and I generally can’t be friends with anyone who won’t return an email within a week, but, somehow, like Felix and Oscar we bonded. He’s teaching me all about metal, latex and kinky people while I am teaching him about airplanes, time sheets, and my own brand of kinky people. He’s a good guy, a super friend, and, for the record, has a wife so charming, sweet, and, well, hot, that the tiny less than one percent of me that might have a straight gene took note. Just sayin’.

Anyway, this is not about Chris the man, as much as it is Chris the artist and I only stated the above to make sure my clear bias as to his business is stated and to basically say that I understand that my 48 hour all access pass to him, his family, and his business team is a rarity reserved for only a few. However, because of that, and with his permission, I decided to write this ad hoc review of Steelwerks as an “insiders glance” at how, what, and why things are the way they are. Specifically, these days with him showed me why he doesn’t return emails quickly, why every piece that comes out of there is different than the previous one, and, probably often the elephant in the room, why his pieces are at the top of the price spectrum and why he generally asks each client not to talk about what they paid for their device, as there really is no actual comparison piece by piece.

Steelwerks Extreme is a small, non-descript building in downtown Montreal surrounded by new construction, chain link fencing, and a lot of German cars. From the outside, one could say that it looks like a small house or flat, however, as soon as you open the door, you are hit with an aroma of metal, wood, and burning hot machinery that makes me think of my grandfather’s workshop from when I was a wee lad combined with a sweet yet smokey smell that just screams the word masculinity. Upon entering you see machines, benches and raw metal rods that are rather innocently stacked there having no idea that they will wind up one day wrapped around a man’s junk or inside (or outside, I am still really not clear about this) a lady’s most private parts. This is where he takes the most simple of elements and heats, bends, shapes, and molds them in painstaking detail one by one by one.

Yesterday, he and I spent the morning adding a “gap protector” to my cage, the Axel, because I was having issues with my really delicate skin (I’m like a daisy, you know) becoming irritated between the gap opening which caused me the kind of swelling one doesn’t really ever want to see in their pants. When this happened, I texted him a picture of my puffy penis (you know, like we all do to our friends), saying something like “the cage is fighting me” to which he said, “I have no idea what to do about that, but give me some time and I will make it right, but take that off right now”.

As requested, I gave him time he needed and he took all of it, seven or eight whole minutes, before texting me back with “I have three ideas, but here’s the one I like most” which was accompanied by a 3D sketch of a piece of titanium perfectly sized to “mind the gap” and slide right in thus protecting my tender testicles from ever trying to escape via the northern path again. My trip to see him and his shop was already planned, so he said to just bring it with me and that we’d fix it together, which I did, and then we did.

He picked me up from my swanky hotel with a great tub and fascinating carpet and we went to the aforementioned shop, I got settled in this fascinating 1920’s kinky barber chair he has mounted in the front, and then he produced the roughest looking little piece of titanium that matched the 3D drawing and said, “Here it is. I am going to see if it fits and then make it pretty”. He disassembled my cage and slid that piece right into the sweet spot (yes, I know how that sounds) and said “Perfect”, while complimenting himself immensely, and then disappeared for what seemed like an hour to a really loud machine in an equally loud part of his shop. I stared both at him and what he was doing and at all the pretty metal “things” that are everywhere and when he was done that piece of metal could have been worn as jewelry, it was that shiny, sparkly and smooth.

See, that’s the thing about Chris, he’s a perfectionist and he was not going to let that little piece of metal, one that will hardly be seen and barely felt, be anything less that absolute perfection. This was evidenced once more when he was finished and didn’t like the way the anodized blue on my cage had aged, so he asked me if I wanted to redo it while I was there and then, just like the hamburger helper kid, he said those magic words every man with metal locked on and in him want to hear, “And, you, Drew, can help!”. Woo to the hoo, I got to assist in what essentially a process akin to dying Easter Eggs as he carefully dipped each piece into a charged chemical bath. As the process happens, I watched my metal member turn gold, then a deep purple, and then various shades of blue until it finally reached the exact color I wanted to see every time I pee. For me, it’s a shade very similar to Dodger blue, you know, for the best team in Major League Baseball and all. My job “was to watch” and I did it really good! So good so that he then let me dry each piece before he assembled it all back together (I tried to do that but would have had my PA sticking out the top had he not intervened). The end result was beautiful as I will proudly show you in the pictures below.

Following that we had some kinky shopping to do and he needed to show me the underbelly of Montreal and I emerged all latexy smooth looking, well, we will talk about that in a future post.

Fast forward to Friday and while my plan was to always stop by the shop, I never intended to stay until I suddenly had many extra hours to kill. He graciously let me hang around and watch and while I did do some of my own work, I could not help but just watch the work that he and his team do, and how slow, careful and methodical it is.

As a case in point, today he was multitasking by working on one new creature cage, resizing an existing client’s cage, and then starting a new one. In my head, I think I had always assumed the process was a bit like assembling Ikea’s furniture where everything is cut, assembled and shined but I very much underestimated the time it takes to create that type of precision. For instance, when I first arrived he told me that he was about to make a cock ring and walked me through the drawing, the setting of the cut and various other things. What I didn’t realize was that two hours later, he was still making that cock ring because he was tweaking it by micro millimeters to make sure the client would be happy with the end product. Two hours for that which still does not include all the polishing and micro cutting that will also take place on this one simple cock ring later in the process.

While this ring cut, I got to watch him make a hollow curved barbell that will be locked into the client’s Prince Albert piercing. Since that one item is what started my steely business love affair in Canada, I was fascinated to watch him take a piece of metal, set it almost on fire, and then bend it to the exact specifications needed. He acted just like it’s an everyday thing for him, but for me, it was like watching magic happen. Having said that, seeing the metal glowing before bending sorta made my own hollow barbell burn in my dick in sympathy or something which was odd, but now I finally know how Harry Potter felt when that lightening bolt started acting up, so that’s a plus.

Throughout these two days, he and I had some really nice talks about the business, what works well, what doesn’t, and what the future might hold. We also talked a lot about perceptions of his product, his knowledge, and how, really, nobody but him can answer his email because he is the knowledge bank that, should they turn into a client eventually, for which they will be paying. He showed me what a typical day of email looks like and for every twenty “dude, what happens if I get hard in one of those things?” emails there is an actual potential client mixed in asking very specific questions about what he offers, as they should. I should note that once an order is placed or serious discussions have taken place, he gives an alternate contact method, but it was watching this act and hearing the constant ding of the Mac mail that allowed me to cut him some slack (while also suggesting about 900 different ways he could do it – it’s what I do for a living, you know, consulting at its finest) which was rather hard for me. I should also note, damn, that straight man has a lot of penis pictures on his phone which I also found really, really amusing.

Finally, pricing, that big kinky elephant in the room. Steelwerks is not for the starter chastity man or woman. In fact, I am probably less representative of his actual client base because I am still rather new to this world and my husband and I don’t follow anything conventional chastity wise, if there actually is such a thing. When I first started working with SW, I was frustrated that his website offered nothing, not even a hint, as to what things cost and I didn’t understand how and why he could run a business that way. However, soon after the process started, I realized that the devices shown on the web should be considered as more of a portfolio of his work, versus a catalog of items. True, each piece is usually based off of something seen there, but the amount of customization that is possible (as an example, several clients have him customize down to special screws) really means there is just no way to even begin to list things. That said, Steelwerks is not inexpensive, but having both gone through the process of ordering, which is by far a more thorough self examination of your private part specifications than you likely have ever done with a pencil and a tape measure, and seeing the inside work of the operations and the amount of time, detail, and craftsmanship that goes into each piece of what is usually a many piece product, I can tell you that every dollar spent is reflected in the final product in how it looks, feels, and functions.

In summary, if you are considering the ultimate in chastity jewelry, there is no other place. Just be patient.

Oh yeah, the unfinished “Axel” is here, and the finished is just below the NSFW warning jump: