“Dear Drew, Forgive me for being so personal, but now that the submissive sex is ending, may I ask if you will continue as DualDrew?

Hugs, Edited Name Here”

Thumper closed the story of the week on the Drew and Thumper Show with a very interesting post about how his submission waned as he got to know me better. I was not going to post on this at all and let this close out and then I received the question listed above this morning that made me think about it and, well, here we are. But, first and foremost, I would like to point out to all that I was in a conversation with him and, I believe, I was the one who said “we got to know each other too well, but in the scheme of life that’s probably better”. He said, “Now I know what to post” and the rest is history (though him being him he will likely dispute my story, just cause). I say that to point out that all is good and the DT show will continue, maybe in a milder format, though, in all honesty, one can’t get more mild than most of my whole blog anyway.

As a funny and a fact, the post of Thumper’s I referenced could not serve as a better example of how he and I are different. I say that because with that post he thought he had closed the chapter, honest and true, and in my mind, I thought he had accidentally deleted a chapter at the end saying what is next. There’s no real right or wrong in that (but if there was I would be right), but that’s just probably a way that our friendship is good in many ways because, sometimes, I make him talk one more minute or two than he wanted to and, sometimes, he makes me shut up a minute or two before I wanted. That alone is probably a good check point for both of us friendship wise and those two things can come in handy in many of life’s little situations.

So, enough about Thumper (“finally”, they scream)

To address the question above, yes, DualDrew will continue because, well, I am that guy even without a rabbit boyfriend. I laughed at the question at first and Thumper called the writer a name or two, but when I took a step back I realized that to a casual reader or a late arrival, someone may have thought the Dual part was about the dual relationship not realizing that it truly describes my almost polar opposite sides of preppy southern seersucker laden business guy who just might happen to have a metal penis and/or something up his ass that day. It describes me as a guy who is almost too kind and sensitive for his own good, but when the mood is right I am the same guy who could hang a man from the ceiling by his nipples and become aroused because it is hurting him. It describes the guy who can act like everything is perfect but who might be dying inside temporarily because he wasn’t mentioned or didn’t get the same compliment as other people. And, finally for at least here, it describes the guy who literally travels all over the world disrupting offices and lives, often in very harsh terms and actions, in an effort to make a team better but who then comes home and occasionally puts on a collar and lets his husband give him a chore list. All those things, for me, define the word “dual” and that is why, at a minimum, Thumper and I chose this name way back when we were creating a pseudonym for me (it was between this and Kinky Kevin).

So, yes, officially I will go on living AND, as a bonus, the blog will too. Thumper will still be a guest star through stupid stories and I will continue to encourage him to write anything really kinky and nasty he would like to on here, because it’s a different outlet for him in case he ever needs it. For me, I will still tell the day to day world of my brain and, while some days it may be about how stupid I think Ben Carson is or how my pants fell down while I was giving a speech, the other days may be about the sex Axel and I are having with each other and, now, other people. In many ways, it’s more freeing to me because I can write about whatever sub feeling I have and how it plays with my Dom feelings without the worry of the coming across as too submissive for my submissive boyfriend. Finally, though he may not like it or, as in most cases, likely doesn’t give a fuck, for now, I will still use the boyfriend reference from time to time because the closeness between us that signified that word remains in many ways and, well, it’s just in too many places to go change right now.

So, that’s that. No more whining about what this is or isn’t because it’s two steps forward now and if he and I take a step back and there is inappropriate touching, I will be sure to let you know first. But, for the moment, forward we go.

As I type this, I have debated about leaving this as a long comment or writing a separate post, but decided to go the post route, well, just because; however, if you have not read part one, which was written by the DILFy Thumper, go there first and then come back here and have no expectations that this is a normal post as I have tried to take a subject from earlier, add my side, and then shake it with a bit of casualness I don’t usually use.

In response, first, Thumper, thank you for writing that and Kitten and Ferns, thank you both as well for the great comments.

To end the cliffhanger that he left the Part One at, because I know it’s killing all of you waiting, yes, yes, I do want the friendship with a heaping side of bunny sex. Although, just for me, I am hoping we can at least say rabbit sex? I can do nasty things to both, but I think I could be waaaaay nastier to a rabbit than a bunny. Just sayin’.

However, I digress.

So, as I sit here trying to wipe the Sharpie ink off of my forehead, I am rather drawn to the comment from Alan H. and want to kick it around in my head a bit and want all of you to as well.  It’s a group thing.  Thump, I know it’s not the group you were hoping I would arrange, but patience, patience, my dilf.

From my side of it, the watch on the wrong hand did disappoint me, but it didn’t make me angry and I am not so sure why it disappointed me the way it did.  I mean, a watch on the arm does not a slave nor a friend make, but, it was and, for the time being, continues to be our thing (although there is a replacement idea in his inbox somewhere). That said, I think it was the signal, along with a few other comments he had recently made, that made me feel like I was in the middle of two boxes, the real definition of the “the switch”, really, and I needed to point that out to him. Because, just as he says he likes to stay in his subbie box with all of his nice toys (trust me – niiiiiiice toys), I am rather defined by the fact that I don’t play in one sandbox – anywhere. Period.

Sexually, I can go Dom or Sub within seconds, based on whatever vision is in my head or whose legs are open in front of me.  Professionally, I can command a room in minutes or simply stand in a corner and watch without ever once having the urge to go to the front.  Personally, I have friends who tend to dominate every single second I am with them without me thinking about it until I am with another friend who I don’t think has ever told me where he wanted to eat lunch, I just always drive us to what I am craving.  I mean, in reality, why the fuck did Thumper and I name this the Drew Duality?  That IS me.

Now, for those two groups he mentioned, there is not a single ounce of me that is worried we won’t work through this stuff, so half of you be happy and the other half go get dry fucked.  It is going to evolve and we will have a strong friendship (we already do really) and there will be lots of kink fueled rabbit sex – I mean, have you seen his boots?

What did hit me today, though, is how fascinating and fun this all is in ways I suspect neither of us ever even thought it could be.  By that, I mean that we are both two devastatingly handsome, masculine, same aged, professional men with incredibly beautiful spouses (and kids in his case), great houses, german cars, and happy souls.  However, despite all of that, our most common attribute is we each have an incredible penis (God, anonymous blogging can so be fun with adjectives) that we think with – often.

This is not meant to be the post to solve all of the following thoughts nor even explore them, but, in the coming months, we will at least try, I think.  See, one of the things I asked him to help me understand is bisexuality because I used to be one of those “pick a side” people, but am so so not that man anymore.  However, just as he is helping me get out of the pick a side box, I have absolute full intentions to help him understand the middle switch zone too.  Does that mean I will be bisexual one day?  Naw, I can say I just don’t feel it, but I might want to poke around to understand it (pun intended) (sorry you won’t be getting the Tesla, Thumper).  But, the absolute same applies to the rabbit, because he’s never going to be a switch, it’s not how he is wired, but, even on those days when the collar is not on, I am going to drag him to the middle every now and then because it’s good for him, and me, and Axel, and Belle.  It’s discovery.

In addition, we are having fun with the fact that we can really look at many things and tell the gay man perspective on it versus the “straight” man perspective of it.  Generally the differences actually do come down to backlighting and accessories, BUT, the fact that our penises communicate in the same way yet translate to our heads differently, is sometimes just fascinating in and of itself.

Actually, again, not the purpose of this post, but I would love to explore the idea of kink, and even which side you fall on, as an orientation one day.  I mean, I no so more chose to be wired in leathery middle ground way than I did to be gay, so I think it’s all in the same arena.  I see that as a Denying Thumper post one day though, because I don’t have the energy 🙂

Finally, to close on the fascinating and fun note AND to work in Thanksgiving week (see what I did there?), I am thankful and very happy to have fallen into this little world the last few months and am very thankful to have the ability to communicate and share it.  I mean, when you think about the odds of two men who both have a passion for writing about life, feelings, and fucking who are also sexually, mentally and comically attracted to each other who both then also have spousal freedom and encouragement, it’s kinda like a lottery thing really.  To go back to a tweet between me and my friend, the beautiful domme, Ferns, it is a show in the making and while she has a reserved spot in the front row and a participation expectation from Thumper, there should be plenty of seating available.