Hello from a club in an airport that looks like every club in every airport. I am about to board a 17 hour flight to Australia which will be followed by a four hour flight to New Zealand, so I am trying to get all of my thoughts out now so I can take a pill and be in a trance for most of the next day.

It’s funny, I absolutely detest flights that are between three and six hours, but these long ones just kinda are what they are and I have learned how to just crawl into my little world and enjoy it, to a degree. That said, the Australian airlines have not started wifi yet on international flights so, while I am in my zone, my zone does feel like it’s in 1997 at times.

Anyway, like always before one of these month long trips, Axel and I had the best weekend. For our 20 year anniversary a few weeks back, I surprised him with a really cool hot tub in the back yard and we have found that to be a place where we find our center each night and we just sit in the bubbles and talk. This morning we did that twice before and after he helped me pack and then we, like typical before these trips, had that kind of sex that makes you want to quit your job and just stay home forever until Bank of America decides to foreclose. Of course, that doesn’t make it any easier to leave, but life is what it is and we like that fact that I have an income. It’s hard leaving after great sex and bonding, but it’s worse leaving when you haven’t had either, so I sucked it up and we loaded up the German and headed to the airport.

As we got to the departures point, I started to get out of the truck when he said “oh, in case you find someone you like, I put a few viagra in your pill thing, you know, in case you are stressed or tired but really want to fuck him“. Now, he actually knows that is VERY unlikely for me, with the exception of the possible slave candidate I have mentioned, but the sheer fact he did that just sort of melted my heart a bit. I mean, that’s just open marriage at its sweetest, huh?

I thought about that all day too and have laughed at how I would envision most of how our friends would react should their spouse say something to them like that and/or should they have overheard that. And then, oddly enough, I felt a little sorry for them that they would not have reacted well. Of course, not every marriage should be open or can be open, but that moment just made me really glad mine is despite the fact the door to the open side is kinda squeaky and needs a push and a yank in the post Thumper days.

Finally, as I mentioned before, there is a particular guy in the Southern Hemisphere who I met in the most vanilla of ways, but somehow we started talking about kink and, within a few hours, I had introduced him to Axel as a potential boy, or even slave, for us down the road (he’s been owned before and comes already housebroken). For blog purposes, we will call him rex (as he looks good on all fours and in a collar), but we will have a few days together in the middle of this trip where I plan to put him through his paces. I suspect he will do fine, but the whether he will knock the rust off the open door hinges on this trip (and then, like a proper slave clean up the rust) remains to be seen as I love the idea of leaving him wanting for more. Of course, who knows, as I am excited about the possibility of the rust going away too, so we will see where it goes, with or without the Viagra.

Oh, and last note to self, I just realized the Viagra looks a lot like the Xanax I take on the flight, so I need to pay very close attention as those 17 hours erect would not be fun at all. Maybe.