img_0696What a week. It’s been a good week for about 87.7 different reasons, but mostly because in just a matter of a few days I have found myself well, ready. Now, I know that sounds vague, but let me help put it in perspective.

First, this week, at the very last minute (as in I was already there) my client had an internal situation and had to cancel my week which meant I had a bit of free time AND got to go home for three whole days during the week. The weather is beautiful here and I decided to take the days to build a cover over our deck and then enclose and screen it and have been in the yard (and at Home Depot) ever since. I am exhausted, but in that way that only manual labor and no computer 24/7 can allow and it’s cleared my head in ways I didn’t expect.



But, before we get into that, I want to send a special thank you to my friend Porsche, the 100% straight man who I have mentioned before as the guy who got his metal penis stuck in customs in Europe, because he and I were finally able to meet and connect in person as I happened to have been cancelled in his city. He picked me up for breakfast (driving the sexiest car I have ever been in) and we spent a few hours together talking about life, love, and the fact that our spouses like metal things locked to our penises, metal things stuck up our asses, and how we are true switches because we just want to give that right back to then in many cases. But, while that was fun, educational and while he was certainly not bad to look at, the real joy I got out of the morning was that he was, well, a joy. He and his wife  (who was not with us) represent the side of kinkiness that most of us would have no idea happens inside the 4 bedroom 3 car garage ranch house with the picket fence in middle America and I cannot even express how honored I was to be included in that discussion as I take it he rarely has the opportunity to discuss said metal dick while presiding over board meetings.

While I know people like him and Mrs. Porsche exist, the only thing I can liken it to in my life was 100 years ago when I accepted myself as a gay man. See, back then, pre internet, the only real examples I had of gay men were the uber’ flaming Elton John like men in feather boas and oversized sunglasses who appeared in various TN shows or parades or that gay Carrington from Dynasty who, while beautiful, found himself the punchy subplot one too many times. But, right after that and a bit after my 19th birthday, I started meeting gay accountants, teachers, attorneys and, now don’t freak out, gay doctors too. Seeing them and knowing that I too could be part of that world, gave me this weird inner peace that I can’t say has ever really gone way. It just felt like being gay could and would be normal.

So, back to Porsche, for me, this week, he was that gay attorney or gay doctor, though he’s not gay or an attorney or doctor. But, having a face to face conversation with him showed me the kink inside of such people and I walked away from that breakfast feeling like the gay 19 year old again full of promise and hope that my crazy, crazy professional life can be equally mixed with my desire to be a part of a daily kink quota with Axel, Thumper, or many others and I found myself that night, sitting with Ax and telling him “okay, let’s go” and agreed to be part of some things that, for him, he has not spoken of very often at all (I will list, but need to ask him first).

Regarding the rest of the week, lots more to tell but I have a deck to work on. More soon.


Good morning from the Steelwerks Extreme studio. I had a weird scheduling glitch this week that left me with an empty Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning (but close to Canada), so I flew up to spend the time with Chris and Steelwerks crew just because. No, no, I am not getting a new cage (yet) but, as you know, he and I quickly developed this brother type of friendship and his wife and my husband fell in love just like every 90’s movie depicted how friendships between gay men and hot women should be (and, you guys know I rarely look at women, but damn, she’s smoking), so this is like coming home for me in a way and has started what will be a nasty professional week off in the absolute right direction.

Anyway, you know I have always likened owning a Steelwerk’s cage to a high end German car and here is yet another example of that – detailing. Yep, a free wash, polish and, in my case, new anodization. So, after my flight tonight, I will be sporting a super duper shiny smooth metal dick with a bonus blue refresh. It’s so exciting I thought I would share a few photos, just cause.

I have written about this before, but I just love spending the day here working on my boring work while he does his. It so fucking beats working at a Starbucks or a hotel lobby like I often do because they do not have the antique 1920’s dental chair I am sitting in (I used a purell wipe before sitting -just kidding Chris) or the various metal penis prototypes I see everywhere. It’s fascinating and immediately propels me into that kinky world I really want to spend more time in one day (seriously kinky folks – let’s starting hanging more).

As I type, Chris is putting the finishing touches on a beautiful creature cage that makes my dick hurt in both desire to be in it and the fear I might be one day (if Axel is in a mean mood) – as this one has spikes, lots and lots of spikes. Crazy. But, every single thing is custom and sadists own masochists just for these spikey things I guess.


I think Thumper and I are in a race to see who can go the longest between posts. Crazy how things get, huh? (note to crazy commenters, no, no, we are not really in a race nor do we really even discuss our posting promptness – I just thought it was a good opening line.)

It’s been a meh week as I have had a cold. A cold from hell. The worst cold anyone on earth may have ever had. It’s been the kind of cold where instead of polite little coughs here and there, you get the bone shattering soul sucking deep cough that makes you look like you have instantly dropped into a seizure or possibly have wet your pants and makes every weird muscle in your body hurt from the jarring and jiggling. What’s worse is that this developed during a travel week and I had to nurse myself all by myself while still having to lead a three hour meeting Friday morning on, I am not kidding, how to have an effective meeting. It was just awful as I felt horrible physically due to the cold and mentally because it was becoming apparent I work in a Dilbert sketch.

Spoiler alert here, the cold did not kill me and, while I may have contaminated an entire airplane full of people (it was just a regional jet), I managed to get myself home where I slept 14 solid hours breaking the fever and testing the limits of my sheets, mattress pad, and ever so loving spouse.

Twenty four hours later I actually feel okay and I just used my gravely voice, the cultured cough, and a sorta sexy wheeze to lure Axel into my nether regions where I proceeded to do all kinds of nasty nice things to him from, get this too, the bathroom floor. Apparently, one of my signs of getting well is that I get horny (so he says) and apparently he is right because I was indeed horny and feeling a bit mischievous as well. So, as he was brushing his teeth and I was in bed, I decided to flirt with him a bit by crawling naked on all fours up behind him and pulling his underpants down with my teeth, much to my delight, his surprise, and against all the advice Dr. Rosenblatt my orthodontist gave me when he took off my braces 100 years ago. Apparently he liked that vision and that action and decided that he wanted to have his way with me right then and there and challenged the naked on all fours me to a bit of a wrestling match, though it was very fake because, even in naked mischievous mode, I could just imagine knocking his hip out of place or knocking him down to break it. So I extended my arm and we glided the old man down to the floor where the blue led night lighting from the base of the vanity and shower pan (yes, we are that gay) glistened off my PA and his newly sparkling teeth.

The sex wasn’t pretty and wasn’t really that good as I started to wheeze like a geriatric hooker with a seven pack a day habit half way through, but it was fun to be a bit spontaneous and roll around on the wood for a half hour or so (it’s a big bathroom) before both coming within seconds of each other. This climax immediately reminded our bodies that I am sick and had no business being sexy and that he had no business being on the floor and our brains that we really, really need to make sure we mop the corners because from that vantage point of the floor we would not be getting the Good Housekeeping seal – ever. But, as sex at night often does, it sent him to a fast slumber and me downstairs to work off the mental and physical adrenaline a bit before I fall asleep too.

As I write this I wonder exactly why I am writing this and I think it’s really to just give a further glimpse into what the real life of two middle aged men really is as I love hearing about how other couples have their fun as well. Tomorrow, he will likely not be able to walk without limping and I will be very sleepy and likely pissy, but it will be worth it because in this crazy scheduled life he and I both have, these are the moments where we can connect carnally and what keeps us together as a strong couple despite the scheduling and weirdness of our lives.

I have said it before and didn’t follow through, but I miss the blogging when I am not doing it and am going to try to make myself put more of an effort into it over the next few weeks. This week should be easy as I am taking Monday off to fly to Canada to spend the afternoon and evening with my favorite chastity maker, just cause, but then have a wild few days that are causing anxiety even in advance, but from all of that there should be a story or two worth telling.

If not, I’ll just post dick pics or something.

Note: The following contains mild political ramblings and, if you are a Trump supporter, you should unfollow me now. Not really because what I will say might offend you but more just because I don’t want you to follow me if you think with any part of you that voting for this man who wants to take away my rights, creates the ultimate double standard, and offends most of the groups I care about deeply all while apparently paying less tax than I do is okay.

If I were Thumper I would say “fuck you” for even thinking about voting for him, but, I rather dig Thump, so I think I will say it too – Fuck You. And, finally, if you are voting for him, I want to tell you that I believe you will forever forfeit your right to even mention the abuse of the welfare system again. Ever. And, well, you get my point.

Hello from a swing state. Yes, I have the unfortunate pleasure of working this week in a state that can’t make up their mind and, because of that, I can see Trump and Clinton signs from where I write this. In addition, every few minutes on the TV here there is a Trump ad and I am going to hurt myself trying to get to the TV fast enough to not hear any of it. Though, living in a red state where there is little hope of it ever switching to blue, I guess this is a good thing because what they do here really will count. My mind is actually hurting this year around this election and it’s taking a toll on me just about everywhere I go.

But, enough of my political-ness since you probably aren’t reading me for my civil rights, but, the thing is, what is going down on the election trail scares me deeply for many reasons, but I have become particularly entrenched in the double standards that are being allowed and accepted.

In the land of Trump, you have him continuing to throw shade at HRC because her husband had an affair twenty years ago without ever acknowledging that he has five children from three wives and that in the divorce hearing from his first wife, he pled the fifth amendment over 95 times in order to not admit that he was unfaithful in the marriage. I have wondered if the openness of my marriage or if all those times that Thumper and I were accused of cheating on our spouses makes me more sensitive to this or if it’s truly just that it’s so stupid that it’s actually hurting me?

On top of this, you have a former mayor, also on his third wife, shouting this garbage as well and every single time they go to a black church to show how much they care and then turn around and say “those people” just makes it worse. And so on and so on.

I realize this is not going to change and that it’s just making asses be more ass like, but it’s still irritating. However, when you start looking at double standards, the kink world is full of them too. I realized this more than ever last week when I had a slow day and decided that I would just sit on the couch and surf recon and various other sites for five minutes that may have turned into five hours. In doing this, I cannot tell you how many personal ads placed by Doms would say things like “must be very fit for my attention“, “no overweights“, “show your Dom respect by caring for your body” or other similar statements. While this may or may not be okay in certain situations, more often than not, the ones who wrote those ads had stats that said “5’7, 365 pounds, 44″ waist“. Is that not a double standard there? as in a submissive must be fit, but those who they serve can be slobs? I realize it’s a personal ad and people do and seek out their preferences, but  just have to wonder if they ever think? Those aside, I think my favorite I saw last week was from a Dom who talked in great detail about how “only highly educated salves would get his atention” and then, on top of that, described himself as “6’1, harry, with a 35″ waste“.

So, I ask, is this just in gay culture or is this something that straddles the line to the straight world too? I would assume it’s worse, but haven’t let myself go too far in looking at those ads because there are usually pictures there that upset or scare me.

This double standard has always applied, in my mind, to the lack of understanding of “the” bisexuals by everyone as well as the open marriage concepts too. Remember all this kinky commenters who were 100% of Thumper exploring as long as it wasn’t with a man, or the ones that thought that Belle was being hurt while not caring at all about Axel. It’s an odd thing, this double standard and I think, if nothing else comes of this year, I will try my best to not practice this though I admit I am sure I do unconsciously on a few levels.

I have to go back to work but just thought I would share my thoughts (for some reason) on this subject and really have no idea how to close this so I think I will just go with something simple like “fuck you Donald” and be done just like this.