Who am I and why this blog?

My name is Drew. I am the husband of Axel and the used to be boyfriend yet still kinky bfs of Thumper.

They know about each other and will likely soon know each other.

I am both dominant and submissive, depending on my partner.

With my husband I am submissive and with my boyfriend I am dominant.

I am kinky as fuck and while that helps fuel these two relationships, it does not define either.

Axel and I have a conditioned based open marriage. This means that, while each of us are free to explore other sexual adventures, neither of us have permission to engage in a no strings attached relationship outside of our marriage. It has been one of the most amazing things we could have done to bring us closer.

I have a huge fascination with chastity.

My switchiness means that I have a fascination with locked men as well as being locked myself. Finding Thumper was like a needle in a haystack and he serves as my chastity mentor, both in theory – as in advice to me and Axel- and in practice – as in I get to fuck him without ever seeing his penis. This excites me beyond belief.

I am an executive management consultant which means that I spend most of my life on airplanes going from place to place around the world helping train, structure and restructure executive staffs, transition new CEO’s into their positions, and give presentations to groups of strangers. I look nothing like George Clooney, but my life slightly resembles his in that movie everyone always asks me about.

I am a Pisces and my favorite color is red.  I was born in the early 70’s.

I am a Southern gentleman by birth and continue to live in my homeland on the Mississippi Delta. I have the accent. Kinda.  I grew up the son of an English professor and immediately started professionally speaking after grad school, so I have learned how to temper it unless I need to use it for my advantage.

I started this blog the day after I first fucked Thumper.

He asked me to write a post for his blog that we both thought would be a sexually charged epistle about that great first fuck, but turned into a longer post about how what we did would and could likely change our lives and our marriages for the better.

He and I started this blog the next day.

I have not looked back since.


  1. Hi Drew, I’ve been a loyal follower of Thumper’s blog for about 3 years and have just started reading yours. I know I’m going to enjoy it very much. You’re very fortunate to have found each other. I wish you all the best.


  2. Sorry, I forgot to check off the box for new posts to be sent to me by email so am doing that now.


  3. Hey dualdrew!

    I visited Chris’s workshop a little while ago and have a device ready for me soon! Super excited!

    What I want to ask you is.. since you are a traveling type of person, what is it like moving through security with your steelwerks device on? Do you ever encounter any problems with security?



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