Pandemic Log – Day 773, Subject: Rope Bondage, Victim: Boy Jack

In addition to just having won the lottery in meeting my boy this year, Axel and I are very lucky that we have been able to manage training him in this weird COVID world. I rarely leave the house anymore and Axel, who does now go to his office daily, only sees clients virtually, so he’s pretty much alone too. Jack, who is professionally covered in PPE and is tested a few times a week, also lives a pretty quiet life right now, so we all feel safe in how we have built our bubble and make sure we see each other 2-3 times per week.

In scheduling time together, Saturday mornings have become a pretty standard thing as his kids have things to do, Axel usually works, and I am in a slower paced mood as well. Yesterday was no exception to that and we had the best damn day which started out with me placing him in rope bondage on my dining room table.

I have always loved the idea of rope bondage but was intimidated by it because so many people are so good at it, the time it takes to make it happen, and worse, the time it takes to finish. But, it is an interest of the boy’s so I want to do it and get better as I need to grow just as much as he does. He has plenty of appropriate rope and has left a bagful here, so a week ago we tried a chair and yesterday I decided I wanted to torment him a big so we went with a nice spread eagle pose on the heavy, very sturdy dining room table a built a few years ago. I have to say, I didn’t do too badly. I turned on the heat, had him strip, crawl up on the table and I soon began my planned assault on him. As I got his arms tied to each corner I considered tying him ankles the same way so his ass would be up and ready for me to crawl on the table to fuck him right then and there, but, at the same time, I glanced to my right and realized my mother’s ashes are in a box on my mantel and had to immediately stop and go find something suitable to cover the beautiful little wooden box she is in. I mean, I know she’s not there and that she is likely around in other ways, but it’s just really hard to perform your best when you have a peeping Mom in a box hedging your rope skills.

Mom aside, Jack loves to be bound like this and when COVID is over, I plan to take a few lessons or bring someone here to help me as I just want this to be eventually close to perfect as I plan to use this type of bondage so I can unlock and clean him without him being able to move. His locking is going amazingly well and he’s accepted they fact that I want to only allow him one, maybe be two, orgasms a year. In order to help with that, we are working on ways for him to channel his sexual energy into s more proper body part like orgasm through nipple play, etc. Yesterday, as he was tied there, I got down on my knees, stuck my tongue in his ear and asked him “have you ever seen what a man looks like shooting from a metal cage just because his Dom tongue’d his ear or whispered into it?” He responded with “No Sir” so I told him I would be sure to make sure we are standing in front of a mirror the first time I get him there. This was followed by his weekly maintenance spanking which I just fucking love doing to him and then lunch with Axel and a nap. A well deserved nap.

I am always hesitant to put NSFW emails on WordPress and the blog, so I will send you to twitter to see the caged bondage pics, but I can show the spanking aftermath.


Two posts in one day? This. Is. Madness.

But, this morning I wrote the first post with something on my mind and what I wrote did not really address it, though it did skim the issue just a bit as I started talking about the need to make a sub be regarded as less than human or less important, from either the dom OR the sub.

Some of this is based on someone who reached out to me about two months ago wondering whether he had done the right thing in losing himself to his Master. Never one to resist a story, I asked him (we will call him Howard though I actually don’t know his name) to fill me in and talk about what was worrying him. Turns out, he is an early retiree (mid 50’s), financially secure, previously married to a woman, a former executive who, after bravely coming out as gay 10-15 years ago, finally decided to embrace his kink side and his desire to be submissive to a younger Master. He didn’t have to search long and soon found a younger Master, who I think is early 50’s, in New York City (sub is in, I think, Texas) who has some experience, though I don’t know much about him. Within two hours of their first phone call, Howard was “collared forever” and was instructed to change all of his social media to reflect his new status. I can see that, deal with that, whatever, but then Howard lost his name. His “Master” named him a dog name and told him he was never allowed to speak in first person again. Howard ate that up as most into those things would do for 16-18 minutes, but the novelty wears off fast (especially when a grown man with a Maserati refers to himself as it over and over again). That rule added another rule and another rule and here we are two months ago when Howard reached out to me. It was an unsafe place for Howard mentally and he was now locked “permanently” in an eBay’d knockoff Holy Trainer for which he paid $11. Now just forget how I feel about people buying knock off cages where the design has been completely stolen from a chastity company for just a second and then think about being locked “forever” in a device so inexpensive that you’d have no idea what was inside it or if with every shower you were releasing some toxin into yourself. Who knows. When Howard talked with me he had not taken it off, even to clean, in three weeks because “his Sir had not allowed it.” I didn’t respond about that other than to say that likely wasn’t the best idea, but that was just me. The clincher here was I asked him if his Sir had taken the keys when he locked him and he responded that “he plans to give them to him when they meet” – when they meet? This man had changed all his accounts, stopped using his name and locked himself on a sketchy device for someone he had not met? Turns out, they had not even Zoom’d. I tried not to judge this as these things work for some guys, but he had messaged me and he had asked.

So, I finally asked him why he was doing it, what was drawing him to that, and IF he truly thought of himself as less than human not deserving a pronoun and he said “No, not in the least” so I asked why is he doing it and submitting to this man he doesn’t know. What he said shocked me. He said that he thought it was the only way this worked and that everything he had seen was like this and that his Sir had offered him the chance to live a version of his dream. This man literally built a company, cashed out and then retired, but he was so insecure about his kink that he allowed himself to be degraded just because? IF he wanted it that way, great, but he didn’t as far as I could tell. Also, I was worried he was being taken advantage of in some way and, while he did admit to having bought a gym membership for his Sir, he would not say if he had sent him any money, but I do worry about that too. Ultimately he is a grown man and all of this was his choice, but I hate that secrecy and apparently shame took him on this path.

I told him that I thought he needed to do some research, that I thought he deserved better, that I thought he could be whatever he wanted to be sub wise without losing his self worth, etc, etc.

He thanked me and then either deleted his Twitter account or blocked me within 10 minutes.

I guess it wasn’t ready to re-evaluate.

Last week I finally wrote a new post about the new boy, Axel, and life in general. I had honestly debated whether or not to start writing again, as I think I had mentioned 707 times, though I doubt I ever will. Almost a week later I am sitting here so happy that I did that because there was something about that post that “reconnected” me to, well, me. What it also did was helped connect me to a new set of guys on twitter who are at the same stages in their own relationships as I am with the boy and, ironically, their situations with their husbands are pretty damn close as well.

It feels good. In fact, it feels better than good.

I am only now starting to realize actually how isolated I allowed 2020 and the pandemic to make me feel. I am working very hard to let go of what I have now realized is a deep anger at COVID, the government, and everyone who refuses to mask or follow basic safety rules. Because of those things and those people (in my mind), this year, my mother died with a stranger who couldn’t figure out FaceTime in time, I said goodbye to my father on Zoom – though he recovered and is now transitioning to a new, final stage of life in a place where I can only wave at him through a closed window, and had to leave friends on the other side of the world who I miss dearly as my job may never take me there again. I let this anger stop my twitter and blog activity and I will be damned if I let it continue because, that one post, showed me there are so many more people and stories to get to know and that pandemic or not, I can still continue to build mine.

Specifically, that last post was how I will not degrade my boy and how I refuse to let him think of himself as less than me, or less than other men in general. Immediately following that post I heard from an East Coast friend who is the Master of one and Sir to a few and he completely disagrees with me on that line of thinking. I think that its is incredible we disagree as he needs to explore his domination in whatever way works for him. I respect him for his thoughts and he does me for mine, even though we each might think of each other as crazy. He made many good points about how can one train someone if they are not un-equal, or how will a sub learn and know “his place” etc and that is what made me really start thinking about professional org charts and the automatic respect title commands.

In my company, I sit two boxes below the on man who is on top. Based solely on that, I need to respect the him and the one person in the middle of us because they outrank me. They give me rules. I follow. Are they better men than I am for where they sit? Absolutely not, but they have more power in my relationship with them, simply by default. On the same token, I have 37 people who sit under me on an org chart. Am I any better as a human than they are? With the exception of two who I am not yet convinced are actually humans, no way. But, do I have more power than they do within the confines of our working relationship, absolutely so. It’s just so similar it’s scary and even more so when you look back and realize that almost every relationship in your life is based on domination and submissive to some degree and that, get this, even those can be done with clothing on.

These things made me realize that if I mapped out a kink org chart for me, it would have my box above a few and below a few too. That’s okay and how I prefer it, but in thinking along those terms, THAT is how I justify the power exchange and my ability to train those in the lower boxes as, like at real work, it’s my job or duty to do so based upon the placement of my box. In kink terms at home, it’s how I justify rules, titles, discipline and structure but it is also how I justify the rewards, incentives, mentorship, and cuddle time.

But, that is how I justify it for me, but, buyer beware, every relationship is different.

As I final note, one of the new friends I mentioned above is a fellow named CagedLumberJack who, like me, is a locked switch explore his sub side via chastity and his dom side via training a new boy. He’s an excellent writer and, as I read his blog, I actually think he might be my long lost mental twin as we tend to think the same. So, check it out and see what you think.

Let’s talk about this boy whose abs, ass and titanium dick I am flashing all over twitter. Ready?

Axel and I have had a lot of hits in 2020 from deaths to illness to career to blah blah blah and I am tired of talking about it, though sadly it’s not over. But, I feel like the world knew it owed me something and around August I met the boy who I call Jack. I have actually not written that much about him because it was one of those things I wanted to test to make sure the high I was feeling wasn’t just escapism from the year or just a passing BDSM fad, which we have seen happen to me before. Now, I can absolutely assure you it wasn’t. Jack has been like winning a jackpot to me as in addition to sharing so many kinks with me, well, the boy is just hot and adorable – which often makes me sad we don’t show faces because I WANT to show off more than just his ass. But I digress.

Four months and his locked dick later, I am truly in both love and awe of the boy. While I am not using the “thruple” word just yet, he fit in a place with Axel and myself that was just instant and he fit like a puzzle piece in so many ways. For me, he has brought out my dormant dominant side in a way I had never realized existed as I am absolutely thrilled to exercise my sadist side quite often which is usually followed by aftercare from Axel and a Schitt’s Creek rerun for us all. Did I mention he’s local? I have literally traveled the world looking for that exact kink partner and all it took was an absolute grounding from a pandemic, the recon iPhone app, and some wickedly good sweet potato fries that I used to lure him into my trap at our first meeting (and I did use my wicked southern smile a few times too).

You all have watched my evolution and how my days with Thumper really taught me how to express and understand my kink and it was such a nice starting point. With Thump, who today remains one of my favorite friends and my future fist fuck target, the biggest difference now is there was a defined wall which from we managed everything. It was the bisexual guy who needed the gay guy to assist on a journey which, by design, was always scheduled and always, or mostly, secluded from our muggle lives. He was not falling for me nor was I ever falling for him. It was perfect – at the time. Though, as that part ended, in many ways due to the public way we played by announcing every move, I knew that I didn’t want the next go round to have a “no feelings” caveat, whether that be me in a sub or a dom role – that whole switch thing that happens with me, you know.

To go back to the top of this, I said I respect and love the boy. The respect aspect of this is something I am absolutely loving, as it’s something I often worried about in some social media Dom/sub desires or relationships because there is so much of the “subhuman slave” or the lack of pronouns or the total emasculation of a man just to break him down to serve. I know some submissive and some dominants love that, crave that, and want that, or even need that, but that is something that has always bothered me for me. In fact, about six months ago I was in a chat with a friend of mine who is a Master and he and I have always flirted with the idea of training me as I do have that sub itch I have really yet to scratch. He’s younger than me, very pretty and in that chat we picked back up on the idea that maybe we could make it work. Then he started into the “you will always be less than me” and “you will never use “I” and will never speak when…”. I stopped him and asked him if he really felt that way and if he needed to degrade his sub as a way to make himself feel more of a dom. I thought it was a genuine question. He thought it was a friendship ending question. We did actually work through that, but that whole thing is something that always held me back from subbing and always made me struggle with dominating if I was going to have to feel that way. I mean, I have played both roles with people I have come to realize I just didn’t like or that they just didn’t like me, but I still had compassion for them and realized that I really couldn’t be in this game if that was expected of me.

So, all that to talk more about the boy because he likes to take my pain and I fucking love to give it to him. But, as he does and as I see his adorable face contort knowing how much it hurts and what he is taking for me, it makes me so fucking proud of him and his ability to take that because he knows that in addition to making his tube tight, it makes me happy. I have so much respect for that or for when he follows an order, or protocol between us as well. Chastity wise, he came once after we met and has not done so again since. I made a joke to Axel about how he was to wait until Christmas and, in fact, he is now doing just that. For him, he had never been even remotely turned on by the idea of chastity, but he tried it for me and he stays in it for me too. That said, he is now rather smitten with his shiny steelwerk’d penis and I think I might actually HAVE to pry it off of him on Christmas Day as he may elect to forfeit his orgasmic option. All of those things make me respect what is is giving me and makes me want to be a better dominant for him.

Adding to that, I am seeing the how a D/s relationship is actually helping all three of us be better men. This is something I will touch on in future posts more in depth, but watching Jack accept his submission and then begin embrace it has been one of my favorite things to watch thus far. For Jack, I see is as he is better as a Dad, have watched him process complex stressful events at work by using some of the submissive tactics we have worked on, and then have just watched his attitude toward life, love and happiness increase substantively since we met. For him, being owned was apparently a security blanket that he didn’t know how much he needed nor did I think I actually had that in me to give like that either.

This is evolving and I will begin to post more and more as I am getting the urge to write back, something I lost immediately with the the death of my mother who has inspired me to write in the first place. We will continue to tweet this as well so stayed tuned. I know Ax and I found a keeper.

So let’s talk more about boy Jack.

I introduced him last weekend and, if you follow Twitter, you will have seen a flurry of activity from us as he has fallen madly and deeply in love with his new metal laden penis and, of course, me. I have to admit, I am falling for the man too – so is Axel.

As a point of clarification, anyone I have ever introduced on this blog I have met in person and, Jack, is no exception – a funny fact one must share when living in the online world. We had already had a lot of time together before he met this blog, so it’s not this immediate get a U-Haul type of thing, and nor will it ever be. What we have discovered, however, is a sense of peace that nobody expected as Axel and I, who had previously never had sex with a third together, just fell into a comfort groove that, in the blink of an eye changed that threesome-less fact.

Jack is a switch, but he brings out a raw aspect of my dominant side I didn’t know I had. He calls me Sir and calls Axel Daddy and we both call him all sorts of fun things that indicate he is dear to us. For those of you who are fans of Schitt$ Creek, he looks and acts a lot like Patrick, who made me swoon in Season 4 Episode 6 when he sang to David and, somehow, I found as boy who looks like him in smiles, size and personality. Oh, and did I mention that he is fucking local? How rare is that.

Anyway, sex talk anyone? I have never been one to write too much about specific sex acts – that’s a Thumper thing and nobody could top that (so to speak, cause, well, I did). But with Jack, the first time sex was weeks after we met – on the trip actually. Yes, we had played and he had been naked with me almost immediately while I did all kinds of things that hurt him in a good way. Call me old fashioned, but I wanted to date a bit before bending my boyfriend boy over further sealing this new aspect of a polyamorous relationship. Traditions never die in the South, you know.

The first time we played was amazing as it was also the first time he and Axel met. Since I never leave my house now but work more than ever, he came by one afternoon, let himself in, walked into my office, stripped, and proceeded to sit under my desk on his hands and knees while I finished one video call and started another. I was swooning the whole time, but it was great. When I finished that call, I spanked him heavily, which he LOVES, tied him up, blindfolded him, gagged him, and then left him sitting up on the bed with a big leather paddle balanced on his abs for about an hour as we waited on Axel to get home from his office (he is FINALLY seeing clients in person again – masked and socially distanced, of course).

Ax walked in, saw me sitting downstairs and just smiled because I THINK he knew what was happening. He went up, opened the door, and I heard a “Fuck” and about an hour later he came downstairs and said “I think we found your boy.” And, later in the say, after seeing Jack come downstairs naked walking directly to me to sit in my lap, Ax was swooning watching it as I think we found one of his kinks we didn’t know about.

Last weekend, when we went to get his PA, we spent hours in the car together talking, went shopping for a bit, and then went to the hotel for a bit before he joined the “bad ass mother fucker metal in dick club” (I’m designing the stickers and membership cards soon). He had been quite the valet the whole trip as I am still on crutches/scooters so that was pretty fun too. When we went to the room, we didn’t make it 5 minutes before my unlocked dick found its way inside of him for the first time and, we found, that our size differences (I am 6’2, 230 and he is 5’7, MAYBE 145) create this natural big and little spoon thing that one can also envelope the one he is deep inside of in this exchange of weight and balance that is fucking amazing (when I can stand on two feet again it REALLY will be.) Axel and I are the same height and within 5 pounds of each other, so I had not experienced such a difference and, fuck me, was it hot.

I am going to fast forward to the next part here as I can update that later, but we got his PA, I fucked him 3 times more, we went to bed, and came home the next morning.

The next day we got home, had lunch with Axel, did the usual chit chat and then Axel walked the dogs . I had Jack strip, collar, and meet Ax on the deck in the backyard on his knees for when he returned. I would like to say there was lots of foreplay here but the reality was, after the post walk dog treats were delivered, of course, Axel unzipped, Jack started blowing him, and then 5 minutes later I was fucking Jack while he finished off Axel. It wasn’t planned, it was’t discussed, it just was.

When he left a bit later, Ax said “now I KNOW you have found your boy, well, boyfriend boy. He’s a keeper”.

More soon – Jack is on his way over now.

Welcome to my late Locktober post. For me, I am not an actual Locktober guy because, as you know, I come in and out of chastity depending on my switchy side, travel (in the olden days way back in February ’20), and life events like medical, massage and other things. My husband likes me locked but, even after six years exposed to the chastity world, doesn’t demand it and never wants the key, so we go through periods back and forth and have a great time doing it.

That made me wonder if I had any business writing a post like this but then decided that was silly because chastity comes in all forms and is done for so many more reasons than just flat out denial.

I started thinking about this more when Jack (aka, the new boy) entered our lives a few months ago. Chastity was not anything on his radar but I immediately wanted to lock him up. In fact, at our first lunch together I told him that and he just smiled at me and said “mmm hmmm” and then a few hours later, after a furious make out session in my car in the park, he looked at me and said “about that locking“. That night he ordered a Holy Trainer, a device he had never seen. Fast forward a few weeks and we spent last weekend in another city getting his dick pierced while designing the Steelwerks cage he will be ordering as soon as his piercing has healed enough to start the upsizing process needed to be #lockedinwerks. THAT is incredibly hot to me.

I have so much more to talk about regarding Jack and the weekend and will do so soon, but this is about my take on chastity and why it drives me. The weekend had me thinking about this because, when he was locked, I never took his key and I allowed him to orgasm the one time he asked. For me, I realized, it was not about his denial, but it was about trust, about understanding, and, him being locked BY me FOR me drew me into him in a bond of incredible closeness I had not felt with any of the previous people I had locked.

I realized then and there that, with them, I was trying to make it about the tease and the torment, something I think they wanted, and that is why I would grow bored with it as there is only so many times you could say no. For me, this is much like when Thumper plugs his ass for me, it’s about the power to control that, the power to have someone have some physical feeling, be it comfort or pain, due to the fact that they trust me enough to allow me to dictate it. Yes, it is a power move on my part, but, it’s also a bond that only we, and maybe a few select others in real life, know and that just makes it more fucking hot. That realization made me think about the reverse when I am locked and, again, the closeness and the giving of the power was the exact reason I give Axel the swooning eyes when he grabs my locked dick and says “that’s mine now, right?” I know I can unlock at any time because the big key is in my bathroom and a little key is always on my keychain, but I don’t even think about it unless I need to or have been told to because I have zero intention of violating that trust and that closeness that we feel together when those moments occur.

When I stopped to think about it, these factors are what has made my chastity life so different than Thumper’s or the others I know. I realized it’s not about the actual denial of the orgasm nearly as much as it is about the processes involved with getting to that denial, which has a hotness factor for me times ten. I am proud of my locked boy and I very much enjoy that secret we share knowing that.

That said, back to Locktober. I love the month because it brings the attention to the chastity club and so many more men talk about it and, sometimes, even try it for the first time. For many others, it’s about the willpower and setting an end goal, something we all could likely be better at for so many things (says the man who needs to lose the 20 lbs). Those guys are champions and I love the vigor that they put into the new challenge.

Something I also like is more about the chastity community than the action, but it is the fact that when some of these new guys fail a few days or weeks into it, very rarely do people try to bring them down about that and usually offer encouragement about what they did do, asked how it made them stronger and other like things. To me, that says a lot about the reason for having a special month such as this to support the kink we either love or hate in that good way.

So, Happy Locktober to you all and just 25 more days, boys.

So much more to tell than in previous updates, but so little time to do that lately. I owe a long Locktober post (but have a month, right?), a full review of the new Steelwerks cage I have – which is the best thing my dick has ever felt that wasn’t wet – and then, well, Axel and I seem to have adopted a switch, submissive, sometimes dominant boyfriend. For purposes of this blog and Twitter, we will call him Jack (@southerswitch1).

Jack is a late thirties, six packed ab’d, cute as fuck trauma nurse and college professor who has been quite handy in helping me heal from my recent surgery (I broke my foot AGAIN saving gimps and puppies from a burning building) (that sounds better than the actual act of stepping in a hole) where I now have almost as much titanium in my body as often attached to it.

When Jack and I met a few months ago, the chemistry was INSTANT – both friendship and sexual. Same thing happened when he met Axel though he and I connected slightly more as we share the switch side and stories. The way it is now is not exactly a thruple, though I did just watch him walk in and kiss and grope my husband first. He took an instant liking to the idea of chastity, the idea of me holding his key, the idea of me beating his ass, and my dominant side har roared – which is Axel approved right now though he has the right to make us switch when needed.

Anyway, I offer this brief introduction as today I am taking him on a road trip to get his Prince Albert installed (fyi – big dick) so he can one day join the Steelwerks’ family, appropriately locked, of course. I know I won’t be able to resist the Twitter pics, so, I figured he deserved this brief introduction.

Stay tuned…

Safety Sam here with an important message about the importance of identified real life contacts in a kinky online world.

Over the last few years I have had multiple conversations with a chastity guy who I deeply respect (chastityboydotcom) for multiple reasons, one of which is he runs a discord group that has a huge following and, through that, he collects devices that people are not using to distribute to those just curious, just starting. Super guy and someone I know who reads this blog.

Around May, his electronic presence on his site, his recon, and a few other places just stopped. Stopped cold. There could be 177.5 reasons for why this has happened, but May being the height of a pandemic, the fact that someone said he was going to Florida to visit his Mom, and the fact that he is in his late 50’s, all combine to make even a stranger like me wonder and worry.

I’ve messaged a few of his friends on recon, two of whom he told me he was very close to, and they are worried too because they don’t know anything. Assuming they knew a real life name, I was hoping to run a search, but they didn’t know that or were not willing to tell me – though I really think they don’t know.

That got me thinking that any and all of us could suddenly just drop offline if that proverbial bus happened to be cruising down the same lane where I decided to stand – likely because I dropped my phone. In many cases, that would be that and thousands of followers, or at least a subset of those who are close, would just, one day, have nothing and, worse, have nothing without a clue as to why. The ultimate ghosting.

Wondering what to do about this, I decided to post this and update the bio section of my profile with the twitter names of three people who know all of me including my personal, professional, and kinky sides. I FULLY trust these people, as well as a few others I didn’t list, to have the intimate knowledge of my whole life and, if the situated warranted, to have the judgement to release that information in either a cloaked or complete format depending on the who, what and where. Meaning, if that bus just clipped me to the point that after I am out of my coma and might be back, I want them to just say “he’s alive, the bleeding has stopped after 17 days, and he will eventually be back.” However, if that bus had a full on hit, they can tell people that, help wrap up my story, and hopefully call a few of my relatives to just say “guess what? you never thought it could get worse than him being a liberal democrat but, there’s more – here are some excerpts from a sex blog he once wrote detailing what he did with his democratic penis…”

I simply listed them as muggle contacts without any explanation, fanfare or anything similar. These three have my back no matter what while I am alive, so it just made sense that they would have it later as well. If there is a better place or way to list this please let me know, but in the meantime I would encourage you to do the same.

Finally, if you do know chastityboydotcom and know he’s okay, drop me a line, please. No details are needed aside from a “he’s ok”.

So I got a new cage.

I have yet to even try it on because, when it arrived, I didn’t have the proper time or mood to dedicate to such an occasion. But I did take a few pics from my office.

Did I need a new cage? No. The Tiffany 2.0 I had was beautiful, compact, and quite comfortable. While I had admired the new, curved titanium tube design that Steelwerks was now making, I was contently locked away going about 2020 like the rest of us. You know, in a sort of fear, constant dread, masked and sanitized. Then, I got an offer from someone wanting that cage that I could not turn down.

One scrubbing and a vinegar and water boil later, the Tiffany 2.0 was in a FedEx box going far far away to a land my American passport no longer allows me to enter.

So, that’s how the new one came about and I am thrilled with the more compact, tightly curved shape. Also, as I have mentioned, my gingery skin is pretty sensitive and I would often wind up irritated where the PA fit through the bottom of the tube, so with this one, SW made me a barbell that is often used by uncut men. This design goes in from the bottom and locks from the front, but nothing is exposed on the underside which should help tremendously with the irritation issues I was having (plus nothing there to catch in a zipper!).

As I mentioned, I haven’t tried it on yet but hope to today. I am a bit ceremonial in some respects and things like peeling the protective cover off a new iPhone, peeling that blue plastic that never really ever comes off from the step plate of a new car, trying on clothes, or taking my time and looking, touching and savoring my newest penis are all things that I want to be in a quiet place where I have all kinds of time to just be in the moment. Yesterday when it arrived I was arguing with my HR department over something and was so, so not in the moment. But there is hope for today. And, you know me, titanium penis pics will soon be coming, but until then, here is from the unboxing.

It’s been no secret that, on top of everything else 2020 has brought us, it also brought me a bit of a midlife crisis (MLC). I have friends who have had their own MLC’s and have bought expensive cars, who are suddenly sporting a full head of hair, or who have magically found a new “long term significant other” who is their “soulmate” who they plan to travel the world with once that “soulmate” is old enough to legally rent a car. For me, luckily, my MLC has been lots of home improvement projects, a double digit weight gain, a low level funk, and a re-analyzation of whether this chastity thing was for me. I unlocked the day my mother died in March and, in all honesty, aside from a few days here and there, all of my cages stayed safely stored in a drawer full of other discarded things that at one point had also meant the world to me.

The good news is that I am always a glass is 3/4 of the way full kinda guy and a funk wasn’t fitting. So myself and I had some pretty serious talks, mostly while in very long showers, and, all in all, I think my MLC is quickly waining. I will spare you all the life lessons learned and the “I will do betters” and fast forward to the chastity part because, I mean, come on, that’s why you are here. I decided it is for me. It is for Axel. And, when the time arrives, it will be for whoever else we invite into our relationship who will either be locked like me (when not in dom mode – remember, switchy is tricky) or who will hold my key and maybe Axel’s.

However, with this being the decision, I needed to make a few changes for comfort starting with my PA. I haven’t really written about this but after about two days in any cage, the skin around my pa swells, turns red, and hurts like a mother fucker. This is mostly because, being a ginger, I am super sensitive to lots of things and that little bit of area where the skin, the cage, and the PA meet is just not conducive to long term wear for sweet gingery me. In addition, if I take the PA out, my body reacts and immediately closes the hole by swelling and it’s a bitch and a half to get it open again that usually results to a tear running down my face.

So, being the fanboy I am, I called Chris at Steelwerks to both discuss my options and to talk to Mrs. Steelwerks, once again, about how she would not ever regret watching Hamilton even though they are, well, Canadian (said in a whisper). Our original plan was that I was going to order a taper to help keep the hole open. SW makes the best tapers as they screw into existing jewelry to help thread that through. I really wish he would get back to making the custom body jewelry that he started his career doing because that would be amazing, but I digress.

The taper conversation led to a discussion about how he could make me a new PA that would lock in the front hole and not even come out of the tube on the underside. For irritation issues this sounded amazing and I was all in, but we realized my cage had the groove cut out for the PA and there was a worry that the new one would catch in that. That wasn’t a deal breaker at all because he could make the end be a shape that wouldn’t go through the slot, but, well, me being me, I also mentioned the really cool new tubes he was making with the tight curve and asked if my current tube could be replaced with a tight curve, no slot, and while we are at it, a closed cap new tube. Of course he said yes, as SW can make anything, so with a few text exchanges about shipping, fund transfers and another Hamilton discussion, here we are.

The cage is with him now. He has already started my new one.

And, with all that said and done, I have realized that my penis, and the titanium that encases it, are my MLC Porsche, new hair, and exaggerated, diffic to insure non rent a car-able soulmate twink.

And, if that makes my mood better, then so be it.

Stay tuned. I should have it in the next few weeks and might take and post a picture or 92.