Parallel Me

G’day from Down Under. There have been several interesting things this week in the mailbox including one that offended me and one that intrigued me. I will write about the offensive one later as I am still processing my thoughts, but the intriguing one involves a guy named Niles who contacted me who is “me” in a relationship very similar to Thumper and Belle.  I was in flight when I got this and responded with a “wow, give me some time” and, so, well, Niles, here is your response for the world to see! (fyi, I did clear this with Niles)

He wrote:

“Drew, stumbling upon your blog I was blown away and spent almost 12 hours reading it from start to finish and then moved on to Thumper’s where I am still engrossed. I say this because I am also the third partner in a situation like yours and need your advice. To start, I am 33 years old, live in London, and am married to a man who let’s me explore my kinks which are chastity and control release, so I am a locked bottom at home and mostly in a mature metal cage or a behind barz full belt. My husband hates fucking and just uses me orally and, as you know, a locked boy needs to be fucked, so he has let me explore. About six months ago I met a heterosexual couple in Berlin where the husband is submissive to his wife but has a strong dom bisexual side that he likes to explore with men. We bonded quickly and, within days, he was holding my key and giving me orders and I visited and got fucked in ways that I had NEVER experienced. It was going so well and then it wasn’t. He disengaged and lost contact with me and a few weeks later was right back on it with immediate orders and demands. I, of course, immediately responded by doing those only to have them go away again. This has been a cycle and I am worried that I contact too much or not enough but he has the only keys to my belt and it makes me worry. I am not in love with him, but I miss him and then worry about missing him, etc. Is this normal? In reading your posts it’s like you two became boyfriends instantly with both spouses happy and I am just not getting this. Did I make a mistake?”

So, I have to laugh and really call out my gay self here because I feel like Carrie Bradshaw with this question and even found myself reading it hearing Sarah Jessica Parker’s voice. Luckily, that delusional side didn’t last long so here is my response, Niles.

No, I don’t think you made a mistake at all because in whatever time you have had you admit you have gained experiences you didn’t have before and have had incredible sex. Putting this to my situation, yours doesn’t sound that different than mine aside from time and the reverse roles. In the beginning, when Drew met Thumper we were giddy, I traveled there as much as I could, he bent over as much as he could, we chatted, we talked, we irritated our spouses because we got caught up in the newness. That lasted awhile and then faded and the boyfriend word was never used again. But, we continued doing all of the above, but just in lesser intensities.

Now, you hit on something Thump and I have talked a lot about too in that, in your case, I translate to the weeks you say he is very much on to you as a Dom and even micromanaging your tasks, etc.  I might get slammed for this, but, on my end, in my head I call those “Thumper’s gay weeks” and I have learned that they are what they are. He and I will go strong and, as you say, then we don’t, and it’s usually not my call despite my Dom side. In my head, I just accepted that because I, like you, am married to a man, gay sex and discussions of male on male things is common place. And, when that week of kinky male on male sexual acrobatics is done, you and I go home to something that looks like we just had, even if the actions are sadly not the same.

I am not sure I have actually discussed this with Thump this way, but when he would leave me after a sex date or at the end of one of those challenge weeks, he went home to something that looked WAY different with kids, females, etc. I honestly can’t imagine the switching back and forth that has to go on, even though I have witnessed some of it first hand, in his mind and admire the fuck out of him for being able to do that at times.

Now, I get where you are coming from because, in full bluntness, at the beginning of our relationship I would often feel a bit used (as did he is a completely different way – HA) when suddenly I wasn’t in vogue at the moment, but I learned to adjust to that and knew it was never personal. Our friendship remained tight. In fact, right now he and I are in one of those zones where we are not talking much and I would bet he doesn’t know where I am this week, but I also know that if I needed him he’d answer the phone and, if I really wanted him to go take his underwear off just to feel a bit used, he might bitch a bit, but he’d do it because, whether we talk or even act it, he’s still submissive to me and after four years there is no longer any wavering on that fact (that was mostly my issue but better now).

So, all this to wrap up in a sentence really means that if you are enjoying it and the Dom is good to you when he is using you, just adapt and give it time. I would assume since he holds your keys you have to have some regular contact, and, if you don’t that is an entirely different type post, but find your ground rules and go with it. Thumper and I were not afraid to communicate our needs to each other, ever, and that continues to shape our friendship when and when it doesn’t have benefits.

As I wrap this up, the thought just occurred to me that are you afraid to say how you feel BECAUSE you are in the sub role? If that is the case, write back because there will be 100 comments to you about how you should never feel that way.

Kink Intervention

I always thought that at some point in my life I would be the subject of an intervention. I figured it would be because I had developed some weird obsession with a substance, a person or an object, but never did I think I needed to be intervened based on something I wasn’t doing.

See, the week started out okay which was nice because over the last few weeks I have been to China, Hong Kong, Korea, Canada, and on both coasts of the US. It was fascinating in some senses as I got a private tour of the Great Wall of China and ate all kinds of interesting things, much to my trainer’s dismay (I cancelled this week so he won’t see though so all is okay). But, in all that, I got tired and distracted and put my job above everything else in my life, Axel, friends, kink and Bolt and Thumper who may not even recognize me next time I see me.

Earlier this week; however, I had a work assignment for three days in Montreal, birthplace of my metal peni (I have a few so I think that is the plural) and so that meant that I got to spend time with Steelwerk’s Chris and his amazing bride, Mrs. Steelwerks. We had some great times, great talks and, as evening one wrapped, he said “Dude, make time for me for lunch tomorrow. I’m paying“. Well, I was able to move things around and make lunch happen and for him to volunteer to pay, I thought something was up, but decided not to worry too much.

The next morning I did my work thing, stopped be the Steelwerks shop where I made a bet that I was probably one of the first to wear a business suit and tie while sitting in that amazing antique barber/dentist chair. He gathered his things and we set out on a walk to find pizza, my favorite food ever. After we placed our orders, he turned to me as said, “Duuuuuuuude, we need to talk. You have lost your kink and we have to get you back on track“. Now, while Thumper and I still have a few things that we do here and there we don’t discuss, he was right and it hit me immediately, though it also hit me how loud he was talking, which was funny to everyone but me. Anyway, he proceeded to say “you work too much, you don’t have any fun, and you are not wearing any of the amazing things you have to keep your dick from getting hard. Don’t be wasting the Steelwerks, dude”. He was, of course, right and I had zero excuses that didn’t include the W word.

While I would like to tell you that then cancelled my whole day while he texted a beautifully built, 6’5, blond haired former underwear model turned Master to immediately come lock me into a sleep sack and ship me off to a dungeon, he didn’t and I didn’t cancel my day either. But, what we did do was discuss why I was not wearing the cages and what I would need to make sure I did since I have such a weird life, what impacted that, and how he could design something that fit all the things I was looking for in a chastity device. This was the right tactic because, when I have one on, I feel that kink vibe whether I am working or playing, but it’s there, so that always charges me up.

We went back to the shop and I fell absolutely in love with a new device he has been making for a few select clients that takes the beautiful shape of the Crucible and blends it with the practicality of the Shandmaske which then creates the “CrucMaske 2.0 Limited Edition from Steelwerks” which he lovingly engraves on the underside of every penis. It’s beautiful and, by the way, not really called that. I think he calls it the Crucible 2 while I will likely call mine Axel 2.0 because I will be selling Axel as a way to help make this happen.

Pictures of this device are as follows, but it’s basically like creating a titanium skin for your dick and locking it down through the PA. While rumor has it straight and/or curious men can fuck women with it, they certainly will not be able to seal the deal, making it even more so frustrating. Of course, the good news is they can drink that frustration off in an airport bar and this is 100% TSA safe and goes through both scanners like a charm. However, making it is complicated and fun and it starts with a semi-custom 3D printed mold of the cage which is also delivered with it for those times when you just want a black dick, cause that’s the only color he has which I suspect is really just for the jokes. Mine fit amazingly well and after wearing it a bit I succumbed and placed the order for a near Christmas delivery.

In the pictures you will see the final device as it should look (as worn by whoever now owns it) and a 3D model,


which I am wearing some though not long term as it’s not the bio resin that is officially supposed to be used against skin. It’s perfectly fine and likely very close to the 3D devices, you will see I was just planning ahead for my pants and love the sneaky look of it!

So, with that, I accepted his intervention and will be back and hope to be as strong as ever. Maybe.


“The Bisexual of the North”, a conversation with Mom.

It’s been awhile since I have written a Mom post, but it’s been awhile since we have been able to have conversations alone when she was in a good place. As long time readers know, I am a lucky bastard because I have one of the best mothers on the planet. She is incredibly accepting, witty, and almost intuitive as she used to discuss me and Thumper in a general way as if she had read the blog. However, as you also know, a bit over a year ago she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and the last 14 months have been an interesting ride through medications, therapists, and neurologists trying to give her the best of care while preventing too much mental slippage to happen as rapidly as it used to. In her case, we’ve been lucky in that while the first two, major medicines did not work for more than a few weeks, the combo she is on now, though wildly expensive even after insurance, is working and there are days when there are more glimpses of her old self combined with the new. Today was one of those days and I have smiled all day because, for the most part, old Mom was present.

With my travel so heavy lately it’s been awhile since I was able to really just chill with my parents and spend more than an hour as my time is generally spent explaining, again, the correct input for “the Netflix” while explaining that it’s not the same as “the Hulu”. Today was “technology Sunday” which meant that I needed to take the time to update the OS of both of their iPhones, iPads, watches, and, somehow, their car, so we had a lot of time to just talk while we watched the little apple gears spin.

We were making small talk when suddenly, out of nowhere, I hear, “Drew, how are your boyfriends doing? You never talk about going to Minnesota anymore”. Wow. She just fired it out right there, though I didn’t know what she meant by the plural. At this point my Dad decided something in the yard needed his attention – even though it was raining – as he is always rolling his eyes when she goes outside the lines he thinks is not “proper talk”. So, I decided I should just go with it and say “oh, he’s fine, we have not been in the same country a lot lately so I haven’t been up there“. She looked pretty forlorn and said, “you know, you have to put yourself out there as relationships take effort. I am sure Axel would agree.” Now, the Axel comment was less about the open thing and more about how she likes to think his role as a therapist will always back her points – any points. So, I said “yes, Mom, I agree, but what kind of relationship do you think I have with him?“. It was funny because she looked at me like “you don’t know?” which made me melt because even though she is just in her early 70’s, she has shrunken and had the look of a child in her eyes and then she said “well, he’s your friend, isn’t he, or did I mess that up?” I confirmed that which was followed by “now he’s a bisexual, correct, from the North?“. Again, I confirmed which was followed by “and his wife knows and allows this, right?“. I was so wondering where this was coming from and, apparently so was she because the conversation paused for a bit due to a dramatic scene on “Gibbs, from the Netflix (NCIS btw)” and I went about my updating knowing that based on prior experience she might be done. Then, she said, “you know, Drew, I really admire his wife. In fact, I just like her. She’s apparently intelligent and understands that his sexuality is just who he is, right? I mean, good for them. You and Axel should learn from them (“like, WTF Mom?”). You tell them I said hello” (you know, as if she has met them multiple times).

Now, “the bisexual from the North” was really making me giggle (though I am replacing “from” with “of” to make it Game of Thrones-ish), but I was not enjoying this conversation at all. The iPads were not even at 50% so I was stuck. Stuck. Mentally I was working out what I would say should this conversation come back to me or worse, me and Axel and sex, but it didn’t.

Well, it didn’t until the masochist in me couldn’t stand the fact she had said “boyfriends”, so you know I had to ask. However, the mood had past and the conversation was over, (though I suspect she was talking about Mack in Australia, but who knows) and we spent the next 20 minutes coming up with response lines for the ladies in her card group who insist that Trump should be respected. She will never remember what we came up with, but we did have fun coming up with them, including the phrase “well, fuck you, Mildred” She will never actually say that to Mildred, but I am certainly enjoying the vision of her doing so. Moms.



Meeting Thumper

Earlier today, Thumper posted a piece about the nine year anniversary of Denying Thumper and his reflections back. It’s funny because, as I have been in a bit of a post drought due mostly to just coming to terms with the fact I have one of the weirdest work schedules in the world and finding time to just write, these days, is becoming more and more hard to manage. However, I will continue to do my best.

Even before his post I was thinking that this weekend will mark the three year point since I met Thumper. As long time readers of each blog know, he and I immediately hit it off like Trump and a big bucket of KFC with a side of hate. We embarked on the boyfriend term because we didn’t, at the time, know how to describe a D/s friendship, though a bit over a year later we dropped the term for stupid Hallmark reasons that made us think we needed to do more for each other than we could/would. Now, we don’t really use a word to classify our fairly steady D/s relationship because we are simply incredibly weird friends who share some incredibly intimate moments, you know, often with thousands of people watching. These days we both know that I pretty much own (ie: sublet) his ass at most times as we have discovered more and more that he is happier when he has that control, though it’s subtle and not very public for multiple reasons, but it works for us and that’s the important factor.

I say the above because meeting Thumper changed my life in so many ways that I would never have expected. I mean, yes, we all have people in our life that we meet that lead us to new things or better friendships, but rarely does one blog about meeting that person and have a running document chronicling the whole relationship. For me, meeting him represented a freedom that I knew I needed but didn’t know how to get as he allowed me to accept my Dom side and grow it to a point where I think I may have even surprised him, but it allowed me to open myself in general to a whole new side of myself – one that now contains steel in my penis and titanium around it.

The thing is, meeting him didn’t just limit itself to he and I as, because of the accidental start of this blog, I have met two people who I consider to be my absolute best friends, one boy who I now have collared (fyi – Bolt is almost back in the country) and look forward to watching and helping him find a forever Sir, and multitudes of other people who have come into my life as a direct result of that one time I raised my hand and volunteered to loan a bisexual man my penis. It’s a benefit of non-monogamy not in the brochures, but it’s been a huge blessing to me.

All of that is wonderful and I cannot tell you how grateful I am for that, but one of the bigger things is that meeting Thump allowed me to find myself and, even more importantly, accept myself and all those dirty thoughts I have in the chain aisle at Home Depot. It’s made my marriage stronger as the “shame” of being open dissolved and Axel and I have learned to embrace our particular style of open after learning that the meaning is absolutely different for each couple and, well, for each “other” as we have found our rules vary based on trust, openness and the particular adventure each of us is chasing.

I also think this was good for Thumper for many of the same reasons. We’ve all seen those changes too and, kink aside, I am particularly proud of the fact that as two middle aged men rapidly going through life, we have been able to thrive moving forward with humor, pride, and nakedness, of course.

So, I think the lesson learned here is never be afraid to raise your hand. You never know what will become of you when you do!

Here’s to the upcoming year four and, like Thump often says when he drops me off at the airport, it’s been a good ride thus far.

Dear Nick…

Hello from the other side of the world. Still.

The past few weeks have been constant travel and very little time for fun and, while I have had lots of ideas of what to write about, the ability to sit my ass down and type for 30 minutes had just escaped me. However, it’s a beautiful Saturday afternoon here and I have a nice seat in front of a giant open window and thought I would give it a go. Actually, I received an email from a bloke named Nick and, while I will only publish a bit of it, the entire message really spoke to me as I know exactly where he is coming from.

To summarize the beginning of the email, he and his husband have been together exactly the same amount of time and me and Axel. Like us, one is more kinky than the other and, unlike us, they have not really found the opportunity to discuss this yet, especially the idea that Nick might like to have his penis enclosed in metal like all the other cool guys. In his message, he asked the following questions that made me realize I may not have covered all of these before on the blog, so, I thought I would just answer him here in the public format.

In asking his questions, Nick first mentions that he is feeling a bit awkward in even asking some of these, mostly because, I assume, they seem so personal to ask a stranger. So, before I officially answer, the reality is I have put my life, albeit veiled, and my penis out on the interwebs for scrutiny, so nothing is really off the wall question wise.

So, with that, Nick asks:

First, how did the topic of an open marriage come up between you and your husband?

It’s funny because I really don’t remember how it actually came up specifically, but know it centered around my desire to understand my kinky side more and a bit of frustration we each had with each other over certain attractions we each had that we didn’t share with the other. I know we never really sat each other down and said “I want an open marriage” but the topic came up one day when we were discussing two sets of friends who were both couples, and the fact that each pretended to have an amazingly glorious perfect monogamous union, when we each knew that all four of them were fucking multiple people on the side, allegedly without the other’s knowledge. Our conversation was not as much judgmental as it was a curiosity about why they did it and what they got out of hiding and pretending to be perfect. I remember us saying that if, and it was a big if, we ever did decide to be open that we would be very honest with each other and own our openness. Of course, at that moment while we were having the conversation, in our mind it was almost like we were just saying this in the same vein as we would have talked about someone like Trump being able to win a national election, because, you know, there was simply no way that would ever be possible.

That was about two years before we actually opened the relationship but I remember that during those two years both of us actually would bring it up time and time again to the point that one day we just started talking about why we were always talking about it. Now, remember that my husband is a therapist so these little clues were eating him alive and one day we just started talking about why we felt we had to miss out on things just in the name of monogamy. It was a long conversation that seemed to take three weeks, but in that time we each admitted we had wanted to know what it was like to sleep with others and that since we were both relatively young and inexperienced when we found each other, that we might be missing something and what would it hurt if we did take advantage of a select opportunity should it appear.

The reality is that it all started because of kink, but kink wasn’t the complete reason. He wanted someone with a drive higher than mine and I wanted either someone I could completely abuse OR someone who would completely abuse me. As this developed, we began discussing our preferences about what each wanted to be told, how each would inform the other, and if there were any boundaries that we could not cross, such as someone in our home or, worse, in our bed. The original rules were so strict and, in reality, not possible, but we prided ourselves on our progressiveness and began exploring apps, interests and the like. The irony in this is that I really thought I was agreeing for him, because his sex drive was (before his accident and surgeries) much higher than mine, I just assumed he would have boyfriends and I would stay home and be a happy cuckold watching him date while loving the fantasies I had yet to tell him about. Then, in the ultimate of ironies, Thumper asked for a volunteer, I raised my hand, and about four years later, here we are.

Did either of you feel hurt, or disappointed, that the question was being asked?

No, never in the question of the openness, or the need for it, at all. I mean, in many ways we were and are proud of our abilities to navigate complex situations and relationships. However, as we started down the road, yes, we did hurt each other’s feelings at times. At the start of my relationship with Thumper, I texted him once during what was, unknown to me, scared family time and the sparks flew. And, when he met a couple, a time thoroughly documented earlier in this blog, I was weirdly jealous and, in many ways, in the wrong big time. But, these were minor growing pains and I think something to be expected in any similar situation.

Now, we don’t have much of that at all, though as we got more open in spirit, I think we have both found finding someone else to be less and less of a priority, though I still have experiences I want to have, still have Thumper’s ass, and Bolt’s locked cock.

Then, how did kinks come up and how did those conversations go at first?

Kinks were always the great unspoken thing in our relationship from the first month. The same week I met Axel, I also met a dreamy young Dom in Los Angeles who I had a session with where I was tied up, suspended upside down, and given a very brief session in discipline. The entire thing lasted two hours, but he was so good that, back in the day, he used his very modern digital camera and took photos of me and then was kind enough to put them on a 3.5″ floppy diskette that I took home and treasured. About a month after Axel moved in with me, he found the diskette and confronted me about the crazy pictures he saw. At this point we were very new to each other, had 30″ waists, sweeping hair, and zero confidence in each other. When he saw the pics, he didn’t know what they were as he was so vanilla but he never judged me about them, though he did worry I would leave him eventually for my kink. We had a long discussion about it then, settled down into a pattern without it for a few years, and then one day I ordered a sleep sack on eBay and we “had the talk”. He vowed to help me explore, to help understand it, and, now, many, many years later, I would almost consider him nearly as kinky as me – nearly.

So, Nick, I saw all these thing to tell you that if you feel it, go for it. Life only happens once and we are truly two people who can say, with many many years of analysis, we did figure a way to love each other, play with each other and other’s, and have a good time in the process.

Trusting Muggles

If you are like me, you have your muggle side and your very dirty fun perverted non muggle side. While, occasionally these two may cross paths, the majority of your life is spent in one or other other world. In my case, I have new muggle friends who came from the perverted side and, after thorough vetting and lots of conversations in advance, these people are now part of my general life including muggle Facebook, muggle Instagram, corporate announcements, and wonderfully muggly pictures of Axel, Stella, my Mom and more showing up every time they log in because I am a social media whore (though nothing like Thumper cause who has the time?).

In arriving at that status with me, these people did not apply, they did not sign confidentiality agreements, nor did they have to pass a test of any kind. They were and are simply people where there was a mutual connection, mutual trust, and a desire to be part of the bigger life which, in many ways, has made my journey so complete. Knowing that these doctors, lawyers, and mechanics who, by day, do boring things, and by night, do all sorts of fun fetish things with some even hoping they will actually be allowed to touch their penis this year, make me a better person, all around. As I said, the trust is mutual too as I didn’t have to do anything to have them reciprocate with their muggleness either.

All of this is wonderful, though, until it isn’t and I thought I would write this as just a general reminder to everyone who is entrusted with the vanilla, that you have a responsibility to always, and I mean, always, keep your end of the bargain. The case in point comes from one of my kink friends who, last week, posted a picture of his wife and her new car on his muggle Facebook innocently showing how happy she was and how beautiful the two of them (her and the car) were together. Like most posts by him, it was popular and his kids commented about riding in it, her coworkers pretended to be jealous, and most people liked it simply being happy for them. It was a great post until his one non muggle friend, who was clearly not thinking, made a comment akin to “dude, that whole you being a cuck is really working out for her. You may never get your dick uncaged again”. Yep, he did it and apparently went on about his day as if he wasn’t the biggest douche bag in the world while my friend and his wife raced to see who could get to a keyboard faster in an effort to delete the post, unfriend him, and wait to see who or what may have seen it in the interim. That exchange led to a very terse series of phone calls that afternoon and, while no apparent real damage was done, that sense of trust was violated and he has made it more tough for all new non muggles who follow for them and, frankly, me as well.

I get the fact that the dude wasn’t thinking for a few minutes. I mean, I am the guy that once posted a picture of my Steelheart, luckily empty, on my own Facebook page before calling Thumper in a panic, from a meeting, a few minutes later promising all kinds of sexual favors if he would log in and delete that for me. It’s going to happen to all of us in some way or another so I would advise creating an emergency plan now – mine is Thumper has my passwords because I trust him and know he would be fast enough (Axel, in a panic, would forget how to even sign on) to help me in that embarrassing spot and/or be prepared for the reality of the situation.

So, all that to say, a reminder that if you are a trusted muggle, never forget the responsibility you have and, if you are going to betray that trust, with me especially, do it in a grand style cause it will certainly be the last time.

Drying Ink

Well, the ink is officially dry (and a bit scratchy and scaly now) and I am officially more of an inked badass than I was this time last week. As it turns out, I’m about twice as big of one as I wanted it to be, but the artist was so fucking amazing that I let him have the control and he made it so much more than I could have imagined in his talent, work, design, and, well, time. It reveals too much about my muggle life to be able to post a pic here, but I thought about doing a part of it or blacking out some, but I also hesitate to mutilate the work of the artist by doing so. Would that be wrong?

Anyway, the experience hurt more than I remembered and I thank Mack for standing in the shower with me, pulling off the bloody bandage and then spending what seemed like hours (likely 10 minutes) wiping and washing the blood, plasma, and extra ink off of me before he needed to go out and get drinks with those who were not as delicate as me that evening. And, a thanks to Axel whose first words upon seeing it were “fuck, that is beautifully hot“.  At that stage I needed that because I likened this to the first time I bought a house in that it’s every single thing you wanted but once you sign the papers you have that sick feeling in your stomach. That’s how I felt about the ink and, in a few ways, still do, though every day that goes by makes me happier about it.

In some ways, I think the tattoo represents the fact that I cannot take back my kinky side anymore, not that I want to. I mean, the PA will close if I took it out and the cage can come off, but this is now part of me and, since DualDrew 2014 is actually part of it, I have now blended my worlds in a way that is forever marked (FYI, my answer to “what is that” from the muggle friends is always- “you’ll find out at my funeral”, which pisses them off and further their beliefs that I am a spy). In no way am I ashamed, but, for me, I remember when my closet door crashed down and I was suddenly in the world as a gay man, I missed my space in the closet occasionally until I fully adjusted. This is that and this will be great.

I think my next adventure is to seek out a personal trainer who will work with me on a distance level and set clear and exact specifications after understanding my weird life. I have discovered I cannot find this motivation alone and every extra pound proves that, so it’s the only way that will likely work. I can hire one at my local gym, I know, but I would rather travel to someone once a month for goals, discipline and/or reward as I think it would be a nice step in my evolution to look and feel better. If anyone has any recommendations, feel free to reach out!

So, off to the Great White North for a few days (can I say that in summer?) and then home before three weeks down under. Have a good week.

Badder Ass Self – Inked Edition

So, it’s me. I’m not even going to pretend that I will ever better about writing as it is what it is. Life in the air really feels like life in the air these days because nothing is solid. But, I have taken off this week which means I will only work about 25 percent of the time, so all in all the break will be good.

Anyway, speaking of the air, hello from the 26,000 feet. I am somewhere in north Michigan or crossing into Canada (I’m looking for that big black divider line that’s on the maps out the window) and I am in my favorite seat, 1A, heading to Montreal to see the Steelwerks family and my friend Mack from Australia who is in the States visiting family. Mack is being fitted for a cage at SW which is always fun to watch, but the big news is that I am here to have the small tattoo I have on my back expanded and reworked. If you are familiar with Chris from SW, you know he has two, three, or ninety seven tattoos all over himself, so when it came time to mark me, I asked him to a referral and help with a design. So, we made an appointment with the artist who he exclusively works with months ago and tomorrow is the big day.

I am a bit nervous, well, let’s just say my type a side is freaking out, because I have not seen a draft of the design. I described what I wanted to the artist via text and he’s coming up with a concept that, I assume, we will go through together tomorrow when we arrive (Mack is going with me as apparently Chris has to make cages for soon to be limited penises). It’s likely I will never show this up close to anyone picture wise on the blog because this one is deeply personal and will contain identifying information for me and those I love, including Axel, Thumper, and Mack. Basically I asked for a series of letters and numbers that will be connected inside a diagram of a plane and each of these will Mark things like my anniversary, my wedding, the start of this blog and the assumption of the Dual Drew identity and the initials of four people that forever changed my life. Yes, yes, I know that one should never have names or initials placed on their body, but this is discrete (it’s not like I will have THUMPER drafted down my inner forearm) (yet), but the intention behind this is that when I am old and in a home, the hot hot young boy I have paid to care for me might ask “what does DD or DT stand for?” and, hopefully, that will flood my memory with the happy thoughts of my forties when I finally found most of myself. Again, I am looking very forward to seeing this and designing the final product, but I just hope it’s not a unicorn with a bunny riding it spreading glitter-cause I so don’t want to copy what’s already on Mack’s leg.

The kink world has been up and down. Ax and I have had good, nasty, perverted episodes and we have had sweet moments laying on the couch watching Game of Thrones with nary an erection in sight. But that’s both life and another story as this one is still about my bad ass metal dicked self getting even more ink to be a badder ass (for those new, I cling to this tiny side of me when I am giving yet another presentation in a gray Brooks Brothers suit and boring, yet stylish, tie).

Have a great week and if I run from the artist, start weeping, or cause a scene with my badder bad ass self, I will make sure Mack logs in to give you the embarrassing details.

The Shining

If you have read these posts awhile, you know I have a thing for German cars. The precision. The handling. The ergonomics. The touch. The shine. The control. These machines, when driven right, and not in the stupid Eco Mode they all have now, make you feel like you are driving it versus it driving you (yes, I know, when our Tesla arrives I will go the exact opposite way), but one of the best things I like is, well, the service experience.

Now, I have often compared the products of Steelwerks’ to a German car for all the exact reasons listed above, and now, I also include service, though they do not offer free coffee or donuts and your choice of seating is rather erotic as it’s the amazing antique barber’s chair that you have undoubtably seen on the Twitter. I am saying all of this a bit lighter than it should be because it wasn’t an emergency and my “check chastity” light had not even blinked let alone stayed lit, but I needed just a tad more space for my PA to travel in my Titanium Schandmaske (possibly the best steelwerk’s product for pierced casual wearers or newbies as it’s just amazing and relatively inexpensive – without a six month wait too – though some lock in this device 24/7 since it can go through airport security and is clean and light with just as much security)

Anyway, to make a long story short, I had a dead day between where I had to be Monday and where I had to be Wednesday, so I decided to fly through Montreal and hang out with my Steelwerks’ besties for the day and, while I was there, have Chris make that slight adjustment and, also just like a German car dealer, shine my puppy up like brand new before redelivering it to be (you know, from 3 feet away). My schandmaske looks amazing and, when I get to my hotel in a bit (didn’t want to wear it through customs), my penis will be shinier than it’s been in months. Maybe I will tweet pics, maybe. You know how I hate showing my metal though. Ha.

The unscheduled maintenance aside, I always have a blast just sitting in there working on my shit while he and his team make, polish and clean things. I am sure to an outsider it would have to be funny sight as I am, even dressed down, clearly an outsider in there sitting in the aforementioned chair typing away on my MacBook and looking at spread sheets, while all around me the inked people play with metal peni and things that go on lady parts. It’s quite a scene. But one of my favorites.

But, it’s time for me to get on a plane so I will make this one shorter. Soon I will post about the second part of the day with J., Steelwerk’s business super senior executive director of business, customer experience, finance and resident therapist. Just being around this one is a great day in itself, so more soon.

Finally, Chris wanted me to say that to any of his customers who want to travel to Montreal to have your junk’s junk polished, he will shine you up for free. J. asked me to mention there would be a nominal charge, but just tell them Drew sent you and you will be shiny as me soon!



80 – Nasty Pig style.

Back before I knew him and back in the days when I would just wait for the next post on Denying Thumper, I always wondered why Thump would leave us hanging, why he didn’t check in more, why in the world would he not post every day now and why were  there times when he did. Well, now I know. Life. Family. Sex drive. Body issues.

However, here we are and, while I would like to follow up the last few posts by describing the dungeon like setting of my home and how Ax and I are naked all the time, but, nah, the day that was supposed to happen was the first day that my mother didn’t remember who I was (for just a brief second) and then the non sexiness of life just continued to happen. But we are persistent and determined and this is not a post to complain about that as much as it is to just be an update.

I have also decided that I think we need a new house to truly go forward.  We don’t have the white walls, black floors, and massive space that every great Tumblr picture has., so that surely has to be it. I mean, have you ever noticed that? My house has 115 year old wood floors always in need of another refinish, caked on dust in the corners that got there some time in 1965 and cannot be scrubbed away, and dog hair that appears out of nowhere even when you think it’s all gone. We simply don’t have the sexy house, so how can we be sexy? It makes perfect sense in my straw grabbing now.

However, in the kink world, there is always something funny happening, right? For me, it was today when I went to see my parents. See, about three weeks ago when I was in Australia my Dad came to my house to do me a favor for something I can’t even remember why. When we were talking he mentioned he had forgotten his hat so I told him to look at the wall in the mudroom and just grab one of mine as I have way too many to ever wear anyway. He grabbed one he liked and a week or so later told me that he was wearing it all the time and he wanted to “buy it from me” which made me laugh, but I told him to just keep it, of course. I never thought about it again at all until this morning when I drove up and he greeted me wearing his new cap for which he is so fucking proud. Yep, it was sure something to be proud of as my 80 year old father was sporting my black on black Nasty Pig logo cap, the one with the pig snout on it. Now, he has no idea what it is and likely thinks it’s from the Piggly Wiggly, a former fixture in the South, but I honestly couldn’t look at him without laughing and visualizing him in a crowd of shirtless men in Nasty Pig jocks and hats. The reality is he doesn’t go anywhere that anyone would know what it was, except Lowes and Home Depot, so it’s not that much of a threat, but it’s going to have to just disappear one day when I visit despite the fact it will break his heart. Though, in the right crowd I wonder how many points I’d get when he told them that his son gave it to him? Of course, that’s also kinda creepy cause he’s not hot at all.

So, we find humor where we find it, right?

The other thing on my mind is a new friend of mine who is adorable and married to an equally adorable man and a conversation we had about open marriages, as they have one as well. Now, they are both 30 and much much more hot than me and Ax, but their rules are something akin to “rarely alone and mostly together” when it comes to outside sex, something I think that happens pretty frequently in their world. He was pretty much equally flummoxed by mine and Axel’s rules are “never together and rarely ever” and we started chatting about the couples we know and how no two are alike such as Belle and Thumper, and others you would know from here.

That started me thinking about other agreements and who has what so I thought I would pose that here and ask for stories, rules, etc. Always an interesting read and we might learn something to.

So, comment away.